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Hollywood Trash

Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

HT Hot 5: Lindsay Lohan Denies Having a Problem

Letterman asks her questions…Lindsay Lohan keeps denying a problem.

Hollywood Trash

Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

HT Hot 5: Cher is NOT Dead!

Due to a misleading trending # on Twitter, the world thought we had lost Cher

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

Are Jon and Richie feuding?

Hollywood Trash Hot Five

Hollywood Trash

Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot Five

Halle Berry has had it with the paparazzi.

Hollywood Trash

Tuesday, April 2, 201304/02/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot Five

Justin Bieber banned again.

Hollywood Trash

Monday, April 1, 201304/01/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot Five

Lindsey agrees to rehab but only if she can take her drugs.

Hollywood Trash

Friday, March 29, 201303/29/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot Five

Lindsay and Charlie laugh it up on the set of Anger Management.

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, March 28, 201303/28/2013

Hollywood trash Hot Five

Justin Bieber may be a very bad neighbor.

Hollywood Trash

Wednesday, March 27, 201303/27/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot 5

Find out what Dancing with the Stars contestant quit the show.

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, March 21, 201303/21/2013

Hollywood Trash Hot 5: Who’s Set to Replace Leno?

Didn’t NBC learn anything when they tried this with Conan?

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