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Friday, February 1, 201302/01/2013

Hollywood Trash: Beyonce Comes Clean!

Plus, what promise did Beyonce make?

Hollywood Trash

Wednesday, January 30, 201301/30/2013

Hollywood Trash: The Biebs Gets Emotional

Fake emotion, gotta love it!

Hollywood Trash

Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

Hollywood Trash: Why You Should Stay Away From Barbara Walters

Why did Joy Behar laugh at this so loud?

Hollywood Trash

Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Hollywood Trash: Did Monti Know He Was Talking to a Guy?

Apparently, The Crying Game has gotten a reboot.

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, January 24, 201301/24/2013

Hollywood Trash: Who has Beyonce’s back?

And if you’re going to defend Beyonce, do it with a little song at the end.

Hollywood Trash

Friday, January 18, 201301/18/2013

Hollywood Trash: Lance Lies, But Doesn’t Call You Fat

What a weird, weird thing to say in an interview?

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, January 17, 201301/17/2013

Hollywood Trash: Who’s Wanting an Apology from Lance?

He’s got some apologizing to do…to a lot…A LOT…of people

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