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Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Proof That There ARE Bad Ideas in Brainstorming

There are indeed terrible ideas in brainstorming.

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Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Colleen is Feeling Very 40 (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

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Tuesday, March 29, 201603/29/2016

Sumos Need Not Apply?

Sumos Need Not Apply?

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Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

New Dorito Flavor: Asphalt!

The most delicious highway incident of all-time

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Wednesday, February 24, 201602/24/2016

Try and Not Text While Receiving Communion

Just a helpful reminder…please stop pooping in public

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Thursday, February 18, 201602/18/2016

Jay Knows Handcuffs (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

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Friday, October 30, 201510/30/2015

Why Would You Plant a Shark?

Friday’s edition of Jay’s World of the Weird, the Wacky, and the What?!

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Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

Some Jimmy Buffet fans might be disgusting (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

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Wednesday, August 19, 201508/19/2015

There’s a naked man in our bed! (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

The Beer of Champions?? (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

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