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Thursday, February 4, 201602/04/2016

Will Mal Trust Peyton Manning?

Mal the Sports Gal joined us to preview Sunday’s game…will she go with her heart and get behind Peyton Manning?

steve o

Wednesday, February 3, 201602/03/2016

In-Studi-O with Steve-O

Steve-O joined us in-studio…check him out the Funnybone Wednesday-Sunday.


Tuesday, February 2, 201602/02/2016

Our Caucus Correspondent Reports

Thank you to the finest group of correspondents that we could ever have asked for!

BKC Generic

Monday, February 1, 201602/01/2016

The Odds Were Not in this Hopeful Couple’s Favor

He was rattling off the movie quotes…but all of them were off-target

BKC Generic

Friday, January 29, 201601/29/2016

Are You Going to Play Tonight Madonna?

Waiting…it is the hardest part.


Friday, January 29, 201601/29/2016

Pick-Up Lines are Incredibly Still Working

Pick-up lines are the worst…yet, somehow, they continue to work.


Thursday, January 28, 201601/28/2016

Branden Oliver’s New Caucus Song

Our good friend Branden Oliver is back…with a brand new Caucus song…set to Elle King’s “Exes and Oh’s”


Wednesday, January 27, 201601/27/2016

Caucus Time Isn’t For Everyone

Shocking, we know…not everyone loves everyone in town for the Caucus

BKC Generic

Wednesday, January 27, 201601/27/2016

Enjoy Your Soup…By the Way…You’re Driving

You looked over at the car next to you, and they were doing what?


Tuesday, January 26, 201601/26/2016

Hello, Poison Control? It’s Us…Again

It appears that a majority of us have a “I had to call poison control” story.

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