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Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

Mal the Sports Gal Goes Southern Belle for CJ Beathard

Mal the Sports Gal joins us to preview this weekend’s football action…plus to deliver a little Southern Belle.

Grae Drake

Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

Did a Movie Bum Out the “Can’t-Be-Bummed-Out” Grae Drake?

Grae Drake of joins us to preview “Love the Coopers” & “The 33”

Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

To All the Families at ChickFilA…Kurt is Very Sorry

To all the families at ChickFilA last night, Kurt says “I’m sorry”


Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

Can’t Sleep ‘Til I Reach #183

Kids will come up with some very crafty excuses to get out of going to bed!


Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

Littering Was Bad, the Comment After Was Insane

The littering was tough enough to get over…but the insane comment after was icing on the cake.


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

What is American Ninja Warrior Champ Isaac Caldiero Afraid of?

It was great having American Ninja Warrior Champ Isaac Caldiero in studio with us. Meet him this weekend at The Midwest Comic Con.


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

Mal the Sports Gal Makes a Bold Iowa State Bet

Even if you’re just a casual fan…everyone will be pulling for Iowa State! Mal the Sports Gal joined us to preview Iowa/Indiana, Iowa State/Oklahoma, and Valley/Johnston.

BKC Generic 2

Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

Trust a Comedian to Handle the President’s Teeth

Comedian PJ Walsh is at the Funnybone this weekend, and he shared his experience on American Ninja Warrior…and when he was the President’s dentist!


Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

I Asked for a Table, but They Sent Me Tropical Fish?

Ahh…mix-ups in packaging is never inconvenient…or befuddling.

BKC Generic

Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

There Were Tears & Broken Glass…ahh, Christmas Shopping

What’s worse to bring a child to…a parade of 500,000 people…or one store during Christmas shopping time?

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