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Thursday, April 14, 201604/14/2016

Ladies Room: How Are You Tricked Into Spending More?

How are you tricked into spending more? (with Angie & Jess!)

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Thursday, April 14, 201604/14/2016

Nothing Good Happens When a Stripper is Near

This segment can be summed up with two words…crab eyebrows

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Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

Some Of Us Thrive on the Stress

Some people prefer to b stressed while on the job.

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Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

She Was Hoping For Ed Sheeran…Did Not Get Ed Sheeran

She was hoping for Ed Sheeran…he was not Ed Sheeran

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Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Proof That There ARE Bad Ideas in Brainstorming

There are indeed terrible ideas in brainstorming.


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

The Venus Fly Trap Is Terrifying

Colleen was teaching her daughter about the Venus Fly Trap…and it didn’t end we

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Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Colleen is Feeling Very 40 (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Dating a “Musician” Part 2 (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Dating a “Musician” Part 1 (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Steve Miller is Not Happy to be Honored (bkc-ondemand): Play in new window | Download

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