Big Ken and Colleen

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Thursday, March 31, 201603/31/2016

Ladies Room: Is 40 the End…or the Beginning?

Is the big party an act of desperation? (with special co-host Sam)


Wednesday, March 30, 201603/30/2016

What Chore Do You Despise the Most?

What chore do you despise the most?

The Blind Auditions episode 4 Season 10 'The Voice' on NBC. Christina Aguilera's Spontaneous Duet With Hopeful Joe Maye.

Featuring: Christina Aguilera
Where: United States
When: 09 Mar 2016
Credit: Supplied by

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Wednesday, March 30, 201603/30/2016

The Voice’s Joe Maye

We spoke with the incredibly talented Joe Maye from The Voice.

Jay's WWW

Tuesday, March 29, 201603/29/2016

Sumos Need Not Apply?

Sumos Need Not Apply?


Tuesday, March 29, 201603/29/2016

What do you look for when you take a car out on a test drive?

What do you look for when you take a car out on a test drive?

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Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

Weathermen Love Doing Topical Humor

Thanks to all the parents who ruined the kids’ easter egg hunt…again

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Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

New Dorito Flavor: Asphalt!

The most delicious highway incident of all-time


Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

She Had a Dating Rule…and She’s Sticking to It!

She had a dating rules, and she’s sticking to it.

Grae Drake Movie Reviews

Friday, March 25, 201603/25/2016

Is Greek Wedding 2 Good? Put Some Windex on It


BKC Generic 2

Friday, March 25, 201603/25/2016

Comedian Mark Viera Owned a Motorcyle…for 6 Hours

Catch Comedian Mark Viera at the Funnybone all this weekend!

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