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Kurt’s Blog: Hey 10 Year Old Kurt, You’re Meeting Your Baseball Hero…How’d You Forget a Camera?
Kurt’s Blog: Hey 10 Year Old Kurt, You’re Meeting Your Baseball Hero…How’d You Forget a Camera?

2014 MLB Hall of Fame at Empire State Building

It’s nice when you’re an adult and you realize that something that made you just as happy as a kid still makes you happy today. (of course, it’s also a stark realization on just how much older you’ve become)…

My all-time favorite baseball player….Greg Maddux…was announced as one of the members of the upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame Class.

When I was younger…I met him…behold 1987 signed photo…

 photo 44

He was the nicest guy…and who would have thought he was going to win 355 games? 355 games!! Incredible.

How do I not have a picture with him? Stupid stupid 10 year old Kurt!

I would race home from school on days he pitched in hopes of catching a few innings (1:20 start times wasn’t good for a school-going kid’s schedule).

He’s the best pitcher I ever saw…

…and the love affair has never stopped….

I’m 35…each one of these books holds 650 Greg Maddux baseball cards…(for the record, I haven’t bought any since 2010).

photo 12

I have my authentic Greg Maddux jersey…


In my son’s room…there is a Greg Maddux replica flag of his retired number that flies at Wrigley Field and this…

photo 33

…and in my daughter’s room, there’s this…

photo 22

Oh, and even my softball cleats have #31 on them…


Oh yeah…my son’s middle name? Maddux. Yep. A major thank you to my wife for letting me have that one!

Is having all this stuff ridiculous? Absolutely…but Greg Maddux changed the way I looked at sports…you didn’t have to be the biggest, or fastest…or throw the hardest…if you used your smarts and had control, you would succeed.

Anne Hathaway’s Toe Has Been Saved

She was swimming in the ocean….and a riptide nearly carried her out to see. She was rescued, but did cut her toe…which her was able to clean by sucking her toe.

A friend told me “Lucky guy”….maybe? I’m a big Anne Hathaway fan…but not a big foot guy.

Bachelor News

Alright, my wife and I, are already totally hooked on Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor. Part of the obsession (well, besides my wife wife’s obvious one…Juan Pablo) is that Katherine “Kat” Hurd is from Iowa City (now residing in Arizona)!

Plus, I officiated the wedding of Jenica & Blake over the summer…and it turns out Jenica & Kat are friends.

I’ve been in touch with Kat, and due to ABC rules, she can’t say much ’til the show is over….but she is incredibly sweet & genuine…and we Iowans should be proud we have someone like her representing us (we could have been stuck with Kylie!)

Bachelorette News

Emily Maynard is engaged….for the fourth time…and still has yet to have a wedding ceremony. Folks on Facebook were jabbin’ saying that they only give it 6 months…I’d be shocked if they just made it to the wedding day!

Keurig Vue Users

We got a Keurig Vue for Christmas…and we love it. I, who normally dislikes any form of hot drink, use it two-three times a day. Cafe Caramel? Are you kidding me? That stuff is the bomb!

I do feel like we Vue users need to band together and form a social network that notifies us when Vue cups have become available. They seem to be sold out everywhere….especially Cafe Caramel.

Pass on This Hercules

Grae Drake says to pass on “The Legend of Hercules”….it’s not very good…save your money for another Hercules movie later this summer…starring NATIONAL TREASURE The Rock.

You’d think that it’s weird that 2 movies of the same nature are coming out in the same year, but here are a few more examples:

A Bug’s Life” & “Antz” (1998)

Finding Nemo” & “Shark Tale” (2004)

This is the End” & “The World’s End” (2013)

“Deep Impact” & “Armageddon”  (1998)

Dante’s Peak” & “Volcano” (1997)

The Prestige” & “The Illusionist” (2006)

White House Down” & “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013)

“Oblivion” & “After Earth” (2013)

…and many more.

What you can clearly see is that 1 movie is much…much…MUCH better than the other….I bolded those. (there was no winner in Oblivion v. After Earth)

Speaking of Movies

“Lone Survivor” looks absolutely amazing. Hello Monday or Tuesday matinee!


What does this exist? A ranking of all 117 Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters? Why? Whyyyy? (Tune in next week when I rank my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants…characters from “The Goldbergs”…My Top 150 Pearl Jam songs, and so many more gems).


If you’re looking for some fun tonight, head out to the Knapp Center for the Drake Women’s Basketball Game! Tip off is 7:05…vs. Southern Illinois…and yours truly has the honor of being the honorary coach. (No fear…I will not offer advice…we want Drake to win, right?)


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