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Kurt’s Blog: I Can NOT “Let It Go”…and are Taylor/Selena/Demi the new “Mean Girls?”
Kurt’s Blog: I Can NOT “Let It Go”…and are Taylor/Selena/Demi the new “Mean Girls?”

My addiction to collecting all the Lego Cups at McDonalds…I have Emmett’s to trade! Thanks to listener Teresa for stopping by and bringing me a “Uni-Kitty” cup.

Because my obsessions change on a nearly daily basis…I’m now on to finding rare cars from the movie “Cars” for my son. Anytime I’m in a Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc….I’ll stop by their display and see what they have. Doc Hudson eludes me…yet, I can find “Dexter Hoover” (which my son Dexter loved)…”Fillmore”…the “Dineco Helicopter”…and even “Snot Rod”. This is ridiculous. I mean, when you’re excited at Target because you found a 2-pack of “Mrs. The King & Tex Dineco”…time to re-examine life, right?

The Winter Olympics have come and gone…and while I enjoyed it…I barely remember the name of any gold medal winner. That’s unfortunate. What will I remember from the Sochi Games? Terrible hotels & Bob Costas’ eye.


Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s Club…great movie, great performance. To be honest, I thought Jared Leto (for as many awards as he’s getting) was just okay.

These reports of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez becoming BFFs is interesting to me. Taylor Swift held nothing back at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in BrooklynNot so much that they’re friends, but the reports that they’ve joined forces to combat Miley Cyrus. Allegedly, the three of them call clubs beforehand and tell them not to let Miley Cyrus in…if this is true…then this would be a form of bullying. Ganging up on someone like that? That’s bullying…and Taylor Swift is strict anti-bully. I know this, because she told us that for 3 minutes at her concert last summer. I love me the Taylor Swift, so I hope she chooses not to play in this game of “Mean Girls”.

My 2 year old daughter likes singing “Timber“. Good news: it’s super cute…Bad news: She’s singing Ke$ha, so there is a chance that one day she will brush her teeth with a bottle of jack.

Stay the Night – Zedd w/Hayley Williams…great song.

The preview for Planes: Fire & Rescue. My 3 year old has already told me to buy tickets.

I took an online test to determine what “Spice Girl” I am…I am Sporty. I’m happy I’m not Ginger, but disappointed I’m not Baby.

House of Cards…Season 2…Episode 1…I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. However, the next 6 episodes…not so much. Definitely was enjoying the first season more than the 2nd season so far. It’s picking up a bit…but Big Ken might have been right, after what happened to Peter Russo, maybe the show jumped the shark. With 2 episodes to go, I’m pretty confused as to what Remy is up to.



Anything related to Frozen’s “Let It Go” is excellent. I’m obsessed with a Disney song…it
hasn’t been like this since Aladdin. Buzzfeed wrote an article about how we need to let “Let it Go” go…which I found surprising…an article involving music from Buzzfeed that didn’t revolve around Beyonce? I was shocked.

Because of my love of “Let It Go”…I found this most exceptional.

A list came out last week about the “Essential 80’s movies“…some of them I disagreed with, but that’s mainly because I’m a guy…they had Dirty Dancing & Pretty in Pink on their list…which you won’t find on mine.

My Top 10 Essential Movies of the ’80s

10. Predator

9. Good Morning Vietnam

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


7. UHF

6. Die Hard

5. Spaceballs

4. Coming to America

3. 3 Amigos

2. National Lampoon’s Vacation

1. Back to the Future



Fan Expo Canada 2013

Tonight…on WWE Raw…a 60 year old man takes the ring…how has Hulk Hogan not  broken a hip.  I haven’t watched wrestling in quite some time, but I will catch Hogan…the man is a legend.





Will I be watching all of wrestling tonight? Nope…not even close…my wife and I will be glued to The Bachelor…the “Fantasy Suite Drama” episode between Juan Pablo…and what’s her name. It starts with an “A”…Allie? Addie? Something like that. Whatever…these two…


What? How could there be drama? It’s a simple, planned one-night stand…with a guy you know already had a one-night stand the night before with a different girl. I’m stunned that there hasn’t been a Bachelor episode like this before.

Bastille‘s album is fantastic. They should come to Des Moines. They would like it here.


Speaking of Bastille…Pompeii didn’t do well at the theaters. Without further ado…here’s…joe
My Top 5 Volcano Movies

4. 20125. Pompeii (because I needed a 5th)

3. Dante’s Peak

2. Joe Vs. the Volcano

1. Volcano


For 24 hours last week, hip hop legends De La Soul gave away all their albums for free. I went from owning 2 De La Soul songs to over 100…in no time.

I’m reading “Wolf of Wall Street“…it’s a fantastic read…and I bet it would be even better if I knew what all the stock market terminology meant.

Caption Request photofest homer for lynneBuzzfeed had a list of the Top 100 Simpsons Quotes…which you can see here…Before I even looked at the list…I already knew my #1…it was when Homer said…

Kids, you tried your best, but failed miserably…the lesson is…never try“. Spoiler: It’s #1 on their list as well.

I’m totally unclear why this has happened…but my Ipod has been playing a lot of Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, and Steve Winwood lately. (it has nothing to do with a recently created playlist entitled “Adams/Marx/Winwood Mix”).


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