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Kurt’s Blog:  A Note to the Hawkeye Football Program & the Top 5 Kids TV Moments of the Summer
Kurt’s Blog: A Note to the Hawkeye Football Program & the Top 5 Kids TV Moments of the Summer

Hey Hawkeye Football

Umm….here’s the poster you’re handing out to promote the football season.


Umm…where is Mark Weisman? He’s only the favorite player (and only true hope) of us Hawkeye fans.

Thanks for including our kicker though…nothing inspires confidence more than, “It’s football season…check it out, we have a good kicker”.

Hey look, it’s that guy…and that guy…and that guy…and our kicker. Did I mention we’re featuring our kicker? Oh boy…looooong season ahead.

Was our punter busy on photo shoot day? Oh, wait, our punter is busy…too busy…especially on Saturday afternoons.

Maybe Vodka Samm can spike our opponents’ Gatorade jugs. Perfect. Done & Done.

Props to My Wife

I spent the afternoon trying to fix our dryer…it would spin, but no heat. I put in a new, well, I don’t know what they’re called…but the aluminum connector that goes from the vent to the dryer…but that didn’t fix it.

We were destined to have to call a repairman…but instead, I went to my fantasy football draft last night…came home, and it worked! Jennifer flipped a switch. Sure, it might not have been rocket science…but Jennifer fixed it…and that’s AWESOME.

Nice job honey!

By the Way

It’s been two weeks, but I was off last week…but just wanted to be on record with this statement….I thought the Miley Cyrus VMA performance was fantastic. It was so ridiculous…so over-the-top, that I thought it actually worked really well, and I liked it.

For the record…no, I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan…but I think I’m in danger of liking yet anohter 1D song. Oh boy.

The Top 10 Moments of the TV Season So Far…

This came from the…

I totally disagree with some of this list…Breaking Bad should be higher…and no mention of Dexter? Also, I know the ladies would put Eric going full-frontal on True Blood.

1.  John Stamos’ “Full House” band Jesse and the Rippers reuniting on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

2.  The Syfy movie “Sharknado”

3.  John Oliver hosting “The Daily Show”, while Jon Stewart was off shooting a movie in the Middle East

4.  The TLC documentary “The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum”

5.  Aaron Paul on “The Tonight Show” . . . talking about an old appearance on “The Price Is Right”

6.  “Breaking Bad” returning for the second half of its final season

7.  Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing “Blurred Lines” with kids’ instruments on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.

8.  ‘N Sync reuniting, briefly, at the “MTV Video Music Awards”

9.  Daft Punk canceling their performance on “The Colbert Report”, allegedly

10.  Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum and Jimmy Kimmel unleashing the sexually suggestive song, “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum”, with a video that also featured Matt Damon, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn and Gabourey Sidibe

Oh,  I have kids (3 & 1/1/2), so my TV viewing is much, much different…so here are my Top 5 Kids Moments This Summer.

5. The Octonauts encounter the Giant Shrimp Monster – a “scurvy beast” that can make a big bubble pop with his claw. Go Shrimpy, go shrimpy!

4. Professor Von Drake makes a submarine out of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse camper – “Aye Aye” means “yes” in submarine!

3. Doc McStuffins fixes up Chilly after he gets touched by GloBo. – Globo…stay out of the blue paint…and Chilly, you need to..ummm…chill.

2. Jake and the Neverland Pirates play baseball with Captain Hook – My son learns baseball.

1. The Octonauts deal with the giant squid. – There are two episodes with big squids actually…my son knows the difference, I do not…but one is purple..and the other is red…and when he tells you which color squid he wants, well…just get it right!

Nine Inch Nails

“Hesitation Marks” came out yesterday…and it’s AWESOME. I absolutely love it…and I can not wait to see NIN (for the first time ever) in KC at the end of the month. Note to my friend Plagman: Let’s work on nailin’ down those tickets please.

In honor of the greatness that is Trent Reznor…

My Top 10 Nine Inch Nails Songs

10. Closer

9. Burn

8. March of the Pigs

7. I Do Not Want This

6. The Perfect Drug

5. Suck

4. Head Like a Hole

3. Terrible Lie

2. Something I Can Never Have

1. Sin


I can’t wait to hear some cuts off “Pretty Hate Machine” live finally. I may have to paint my fingernails black for the occasion (Note: I’ve never actually done that…even when I was following every single trend possible in high school).

James Franco Roast

My wife and I laughed so incredibly hard while watching this (mainly at Jonah Hill & Aziz Ansari’s expense). It was nice to finally see a roast where there were legitimate movie stars there…oh, and that they were roasting someone who wasn’t past his/her prime.


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