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Kurt’s Blog: All Bands Should Have an App Like This
Kurt’s Blog: All Bands Should Have an App Like This

It’s the “Unofficial Pearl Jam Stat Tracker”…and as a Pearl Jam fan, it’s incredible…it’s AWESOME even…and I feel that every band should have something like this.

It keeps track of all things Pearl Jam…including all the setlists from all their shows. You can go select the concerts you went to, and it keeps track of everything you’ve seen.

It’s such a nice trip down memory line.

For example…I selected the 8 Pearl Jam shows I’ve been too…and boom, instant stats.

Note: Pearl Jam has played 18,220 songs during the 894 concerts they’ve done.

My stats:

8 Shows seen…212 total songs…86 unique Pearl Jam songs…and I’ve seen them perform 20 cover songs.

The first song I ever saw them perofrm? Oceans…back in 1995…and it’s still the only time I’ve ever seen it performed live. The last song I’ve seen them play? No surprise, Yellow ledbetter.

It keeps track of everything.

My favorite song of all time “Alive”? I’ve seen it live 6 times.

“Betterman”? 7 times.

“Do the Evolution”? 5 times.

Apparently, at every show I’ve been to, they’ve played “Even Flow”

“In Hiding”? 3 times

Wouldn’t it be great to have an app like this for your favorite band? I know people have seen their favorites so many times, but it’s hard to keep it all straight.

This might be my favorite free app of all-time.

Did All the Men of the World Get Hit Over the Head With a Shovel At the Same Time?

Mens Health had a survey recently, where they asked to define the 25 Hottest Women of All-Time….All-time. I don’t know if there was some huge monster walking around whacking us all over the head with a shovel at the same time, but I found the list to be jaw-droppingly weird.

Here’s the list.

25. Gisele Bundchen

24. Cameron Diaz

23. Carmen Electra

22. Salma Hayek

21. Monica Belluci

20. Heidi Klum

19. Heather Locklear

18. Shakira

17. Anna Nicole Smith

16. Christie Brinkley

celeb autobiography 270812

15. Jenny McCarthy

14. Megan Fox

13. Catherine Deneuve

12. Scarlett Johanssen

11. Sharon Stone

10. Angelina Jolie

9. Jane Fonda

8. Pamela Anderson

7. Bettie Page

6. Ursula Andress

5. Madonna

4. Britney Spears

3. Marilyn Monroe

2. Raquel Welch

1. Jennifer Aniston

The 85th Annual Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center

All these women…gorgeous, of course…and I’m being entirely, and admittedly, superficial on this.

But, let’s start with some big question marks…Madonna? Anna Nicole Smith? Carmen Electra?

Oh, Kim Kardashian was #26 apparently.

Yes, Anna Nicole Smith had some glory years during the 90s, but are we going to ignore the train wreck at the end? If that’s the case, then we need to put Kim Basinger on this list.

Also, where is Halle Berry? Where is Cindy freakin’ Crawford!!!!? Demi Moore, Grace Kelly was pretty hot from what I hear, Anna Kournikova…and Farrah Fawcett…ELLE MACPHERSON?? Of course, I would add Carrie Underwood & Stacy Kiebler on this list….and without a doubt…MARISA MILLER!?

Mila Kunis? She has to top Megan Fox, right?

Madonna at #5? Britney at #4? Not sure about that at all. Especially Madonna…you can go with Madonna as sexy, but hottest? I disagree.

Like I said, I’m being totally superficial on this…I just don’t get what all the excitement is over some of  these women.

Note: I wouldn’t have her at #1, but definitely up there on the list…but there’s nothing wrong with Jennifer Aniston’s hotness.

This Story Is Probably Not True, but Not Shocking That People Want to Write About It

Rumors are that Bachelor Sean and his DWTS’ partner Peta might be forming a “strong connection”…and of course, his fiance Catherine is already nervous. I don’t buy that story at all…but not surprised that it’s already surfaced.

My Nights

My nights the past few evenings have been me convincing my son not to be afraid fo Evil Emperor Zurg (from Toy Story 2). We watched TS2, and now he feels compelled to tell my wife & I “Dexter no like Zurg…Dexter like Woody…Buzz…Bullseye…Jessie…Rex…Dexter no like pizza…daddy like pizza…Rex drive pizza truck…Dexter no like Zurg”.

Looks like a Zurg action figure in his Easter basket is out of the question.





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