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Kurt’s Blog: All I Did Was Follow a Link…and My Life Instantly Got Worse
Kurt’s Blog: All I Did Was Follow a Link…and My Life Instantly Got Worse

(the headline for my Blog today? Wait for it at the end…it sullies everything).

Well, That Worked Out Well…

The above photo is from last week’s Family Fun Night at Valley West Mall. We waited in line for 15-20 minutes so Dexter & Priscilla could get their picture taken with Ariel & Tinkerbell.

The entire time we were in line, Priscilla kept saying “Princess, Princess”…and Dexter kept tugging at Jennifer & I with all the Peter Pan-related questions he had for Tinkerbell…”Daddy, I ask her about Smee”, “Mama, I ask her about Izzy”…

Then, they met Tinkerbell & Ariel…and apparently, terror set in. I wasn’t even supposed to be in that photo.

Incredibly Scary

As a man who is terrified of bees…this story of giant killer hornets in China is terrifying

How Dumb Do I Feel?
That answer? Very dumb. This whole government shutdown? Yeah, I don’t understand it at all…at all. I know I don’t like it. I hear people talking all about it…and I have no idea what they’re talking about. My FB wall is one big sheet of boorrrrringgg right now.

Oh, and don’t try to explain it to me…it’ll be like when Ken is telling me something important, and I nod at the end…and he says “What did I say”…and I say “I don’t know”…and then he says “you’re an idiot”.

A List of the Most Unfortunate TV Characters

With Breaking Bad coming to an end, Entertainment Weekly put together a list of the most unfortunate TV characters of all-time…and there were some shows that I never watched…but they were spot on in some of the characters they listed.Aaron Paul and Krysten Ritter

Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad –  2 girlfriends died in direct proximity of him, shot a man, forced to be a meth cook slave.

Kenny McCormick – South Park – He did DIE every episode. That’s no good.

Meredith Grey? – Grey’s Anatomy? – I don’t know about this one…I stopped watching Grey’s in like Season 3…it was the episode where she had her hand in some guy’s stomach so a cannonball didn’t explode. It didn’t explode…she lived…but then it did explode, and half the hospital wing got taken out, and a bomb tech died…but no one cared…Grey had found love. I haven’t watched a second since.

John Locke – Lost – He ended up as the Smoke Monster in the end, so how unfortunate can that really be?

Deb Morgan – Dexter – She got shot…she got kidnapped…she had to live a life of lies…oh, and she loved her step-brother…and in a “more-than-friends” way.

Jack Bauer – 24 – tortured for 60% of episodes.

Kelly Taylor – BH90210 – Amazing, I have never seen Beverly Hills 90210…but that this entry made me laugh. She was with Dylan right?

Two Shows That I Tried…and Have Already Given Up On

The Michael J. Fox Show – I’m such a huge Michael J. Fox fan…and I thought I’d really like this show, and I bet it is indeed, very funny…however, I just couldn’t stand seeing him like this. It was hard to watch…and I finally just had to turn it off.

Super Fun Night – Rebel Wilson…very funny….but her in Super Fun Night? Not one laugh to be had. That was horrible last night. Jennifer & I got 8 minutes into it before Jennifer finally made the correct executive decision in saying” This is terrible”. Agreed…so we watched House Hunters (and watched a couple…that clearly should have talked about what type of house they wanted before they got married…choose a house in the middle of nowhere).

All I Did Was Follow a Link…

…And my life instantly got worse.

I  was going through a bunch of terrible gossip headlines…but the one about Teen Mom Farrah not getting the $1 million for her “stolen” sex tape made me laugh, so I clicked on it…it was fine…it was a fine article about how she actually got $10,000 and she’s a total nutcase. Cool. Fine with all that…figured that was the case anyway.

Then, there’s a link that says “See Farrah on the cover of ‘Girls & Corpses'” . What? I thought this was a joke…I clicked on the link…and found out…that yes…there is a magazine…a real magazine…called “Girls & Corpses”.

I didn’t click any further…the damage had been done…but from what I could surmise, it’s girls in bikinis posing with weird zombie mannequins. It’s weird…freakin’ weird.

The man that I was at 9:17 yesterday…changed at 9:18. Weird.


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