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Kurt’s Blog: Decorating Cookies & Outlandish Comments
Kurt’s Blog: Decorating Cookies & Outlandish Comments

Decorating Cookies

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on Saturday, look no further than Creme Cupcake! This past Saturday, they had snowman cookie decorating, and our kids had a blast! If you have kids of any age, this is totally fun!


This Saturday, they’re doing Reindeer Cupcake Decorating (starting at 10)..and that should be a lot of fun too!

By the way, the best part? The kids couldn’t finish the whole cookie, so that means extra for daddy!

I Stand By This Comment

This happened in the 5:20 Hollywood Trash Hot 5…but it was revealed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the highest grossing actor this year…and I made the comment…

“The Rock is one of the best actors of our time”.

Immediately I was mocked by Ken & Colleen…and I did recant a bit to saying that he is “one of the best comedic actors of our time”…but you know what? I’m taking that back now too…


Give the man his Oscar.

The Lone Ranger is out on DVD today…



I’ll pick “Prisoners” first…and maybe even “Elysium”. You can’t go wrong with Matt Damon…I mean, he’s no Dwayne Johnson, but it’s close.

Good Way To Start the Morning

First song I heard this morning when I walked into the studio? Bastille’s “Pompeii”…love that song.

What’s Grae Drake Doing?

Oh, she’s just licking Paul Rudd’s face…why not, right?


A Note From My Friend Sully

So, apparently, my friends do read the Blog from time to time…and my friend Sully approached me at my buddy’s Xmas party on Saturday night.

“So, I’m an idiot friend who watches the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because I think I’ll see boobies?”

kurt an dsully

How am I supposed to answer any part of that question, ha ha.

Sorry Sully. He’s good people.


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