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Kurt’s Blog: I Joined a Group…And Got a Deer Head as a Reward?
Kurt’s Blog: I Joined a Group…And Got a Deer Head as a Reward?

Dumpster Diving

Today is Garbage Pick Up Day in Urbandale…and over the weekend, our street was a never-ending caravan of pick-up trucks and trailers as people dug through others’ garbage in search of hidden treasure.

I’ve never understood this. Yesterday, our neighbors across the street (I call them the Kardashians because there are many brunette sisters) put out more furniture, baby stuff, and other things than I had ever seen. It was a dumpster diver heaven.

My wife & I sat, enjoying a glass of wine, watching everyone…it was a real-life reality show right in front of us.

I kept commenting about how “I don’t get this at all. This is just weird”.

Then, the neighbors brought this out…and for the first time ever, I went out there…walked across the street…and took it.

dumpster dive

I have no idea what to do with it…it might end up in friends’ houses unexpectedly.


First Barnstormers Game

The family went to our first Barnstormers game on Saturday night, and had a blast.

I wish I had a picture of our little girl devouring popcorn…holy moley guacamole…she tore that entire bag up. I didn’t know a 23 lb girl could eat her weight in popcorn. It was incredible, I could not be more proud. I am a bit concerned though, that by the 3rd quarter, she was raising her shirt to show everyone her belly button. We gotta cut that nonsense out right now, ha ha.

On the flipside…our son, of course loved the popcorn, but also looovvved the cheerleaders. Good for him. I know, it’s a double-standard…Priscilla, don’t show your belly button, Dexter, feel free to stare at the cheerleaders’ belly buttons.

The highlight had to be meeting Ace. You put a 6-foot puppy in front of my son, and he will be one happy camper.

dexter and ace

The MTV Movie Awards

Ok…I get it…I’m old. I’m 35….I’m past the MTV age.

First off…the commericals. What are these shows? Are these real shows? Are they still doing Real World? It’s in Portland now? That’s what we’re down to? What happened to the fun locations? Whatever…every commercial irritated me.

I thought Rebel Wilson did a fine job last night…she’s totally likeable. I just think celebs have no sense of humor, and they don’t have any idea what’s funny.

Why does everyone seem to revere Jamie Foxx? I have never understood this. He was great in “Ray”…and I hear he’s good in “Django Unchained”…but that’s about it. However, we seem to treat him like he’s the greatest actor at any event. The cameras cut to him all the time…like, all the time…and he always seemed annoyed.

Will Ferrell won an award for “Comedic Genius”…and then in a weird, 4 minute speech, totally made me wonder where the genius was. Be funny again Will…you’re being weird…and it’s not funny.

Aubrey Plaza, one of my favorite actresses from Parks & Rec, stormed the stage when Will Ferrell was winning his award. I thought it was just another poorly planned gag, but apparently, it wasn’t. Apparently, she just had (as Will Ferrell said) had “a lot of hot liquor breath”. It was so weird, and apparently, she got booted from the event afterwards.

It was just an annoying event…and we should have done the right thing, and clicked over to the 80s Mini-Series that they were showing on the NatGeo Channel.

Congratulations Ke$ha, you have terrified me to my very core.

2013 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals


RIP Jonathon Winters

As a kid, Jonathon Winters hosted a Sports Illustrated “Football Follies” video…where he played around 30 different characters, and it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I watched that video so many times that I think the cassette finally snapped. RIP Jonathon Winters.

This Makes Me Giggle, Everytime.


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