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Kurt’s Blog: Ken & Coll Got Me Hooked, and Now I’m an Addict
Kurt’s Blog: Ken & Coll Got Me Hooked, and Now I’m an Addict

Two Words:

Breaking Bad

For the past month…off air, Ken & Colleen are chatting non-stop about Breaking Bad. Colleen has been a fan for awhile…and Ken has been streaming it for about a month (I think he’s in season 4 right now).

Finally, I could take no more…it sounded too good.

Friday morning at 9:40, I signed up for Netflix.

Saturday morning at 11:25, I finished Season 1.

Yep, I’m hooked. Words can’t even begin to explain how much I’m enjoying this show. The final episodes start August 11th, so I have to get “crack”ing on this.

Congratulations to Corey & Kara!


It was a great wedding, and we had a blast!

We thought we were headin’ home around 7ish or so…but then our kids got some sort of second wind, and they wanted to dance…and dance they did. Apparently, kids are born knowing how to do the Cha-Cha Slide.

It was a great ceremony, and thank you for letting me be part of it by doing the intros.

Kurt’s wardrobe courtesy of “I’m trying to look like Pitbull”.

Greatest TV Game Shows Ever?

TV Guide ranked the Top 60 Game Shows of All-Time….this was their top 10.

1. JeopardyAlex Trebek

2. Wheel of Fortune

3. Family Feud

4. Match Game

5. Price is Right

6. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

7. The Hollywood Squares

8. Password

9. What’s My Line

10. The Newylwed Game

I can’t argue with this list…as many of these games were well before my time, but definitely stand the test of time.

My Top 5 though would go like this

1. Fun House – Do you remember Fun House? It was like Double Dare…but it had that race game…and the house at the end where you got to choose your prizes. I loved that show.

2. Jeopardy

3. Classic Concentration

4. Double Dare

5. Family Feud

There’s actually a game show that would easily be my #1…but I have no idea what it was called. I saw it while in Paris…it was in 1998…us drunk American students were about to embark on a night out…and this terrific game show delayed our night out by about an hour.

It was a game…but more like a chase. One contestant dressed as a bunny and took off on a Wipeout/Most Extreme Elimination Challenge-esque obstacle course….then another buzzer goes off…and this guy dressed like a wolf starts chasing the bunny contestant. That’s fun enough as it is…but just when it can’t get any better…

There’s a big slide at the end of the course…and down goes the bunny! Wheee! Right into this big, fenced-in area…on the other side…a carrot!! However, what’s between the slide & the carrot…a bull! Yes, a live bull. They have to out-manuever the bull!

And nobody did. It was crazy. The studio crowd was going nuts…the bull would just crush these “bunnies”…and then when the bull was corralled…the guy in the wolf costume would come over and start doing elbow drops on the bunny. It was insane!

I Think I’d Rather Listen to Creed Than This…

Okay, that’s not true…nothing could make me listen to Creed. Anyways…my wife was catching up on the Bachelorette last night, and by that, I mean, she was able to fast forward through the last two episodes in about an hour. It was quite impressive.

Somehow, I missed this…no, wait, I didn’t “miss” this…but this is the rap video that Desire, the bachelors, and the rapper Soulja Boy put together

What is this? Right reasons? Right reasons?

This is terrible…but darn it if for the rest of the night, whenever the opportunity presented itself, I would chant “right reasons, right reasons”.

Dear Soulja Boy,

We have to take back your title as “rapper”. Sorry…you gave us all a bad rap (oh, puns!) on that one.


All other rappers ever.

Thank You Free HBO Weekend

Thank you for playing “Dark Knight Rises” this weekend…that will save me from ever having to buy it….and now I can hear the melodious tones of Bane whenever I need it.

Songs Stuck in Head Right Now

  • Robin Thicke’s “Blurry Lines”
  • Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody”
  • Dora the Explorer’s “Amazing Animal Circus”

I could do without the third one on that list.




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