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Kurt’s Blog: Ranking Superman & Happy Father’s Day!
Kurt’s Blog: Ranking Superman & Happy Father’s Day!

Man of Steel: Ranking the Superman Movies

Man of Steel opens today, and for some reason, I just have no excitement about it at all. It just looks way too heavy & serious for me. Plus, and I know full well that my 7-year old self would kick me in the butt for saying this…but I’m bored with Superman. He used to be my favorite superhero…but he’s just so…blah…now.

I loved watching Superman & Superman II…who didn’t? Who wasn’t terrified by Niagara Falls after seeing Superman? Plus, Zod & his henchmen was so imposing in #2 that I thought it was a perfect movie (going back to re-watch it later in life was a mistake)

Then…came Superman III….and it was awful…and it scared the heck out of me as a kid. No movie traumatized me more in terms of delivering pure terror…that end scene where the woman gets turned into the robot still sends shivers down my spine. I remember literally hiding behind the couch…cowering in fear. I think I might have cried too…it was terrifying.

Then came Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. What was that garbage? Why was he battling Lex Luger & Lex Luthor? 90s Wrestling fans got that reference…but seriously, nuclear dude was just awful.'Man of Steel' European Premiere

Then came Superman Returns…with Norwalk’s very own Brandon Routh. The movie was just weird…wait, Superman disappeared for 5 years…and so did Clark Kent…and they both came back at the exact same time, and no one ever put it together? Lois Lane, all the Pulitzers you won should be taken back. I thought Brandon Routh was excellent as Superman, but thought the script/storyline was just a disaster.

Here ya Go:
Ranking the Superman Movies

1. Superman II

2. Superman

3. Superman Returns

4. Superman IV: Quest for Peace

5. Superman III

Heroes & Saints Concert

Hopefully it won’t be too rainy tomorrow…because there’s a great concert out at the new “Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater” over in St. Charles….it’s the Heroes & Saints show, featuring Sister Hazel, Vertical Horizon, Tonic, Better Than Ezra, and more.

Top 10 Songs By All Those Groups

1. Desperately Wanting – Better Than Ezra

2. Superman – Sister Hazel

3. Misunderstood – Better Than Ezra

4. So Long – Sister Hazel

5. Lifetime – Better Than Ezra

6. Open Up Your Eyes- Tonic

7. Your Winter – Sister Hazel

8. Happy – Sister Hazel

9. Extraordinary – Better Than Ezra

10. Starfish – Sister Hazel

I know that there’s no Vertical Horizon songs on this list, and that’s not meant as disrespect…it’s just that in 1996/1997, Sister Hazel was a dorm room staple up on the 4th Floor of Goodwin-Kirk at Drake.

Props to the Bonesaw

Many moons ago, there was a frequent Blog of AWESOME commenter…and went by the screen name “Bonesaw”. It was a friend of mine, Corey Simon, and he’s getting married tomorrow to his fiance Kara. Congrats to both!

Oh, here’s a picture of Corey & I outside the theater after going to to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 1….because that’s what dudes do, right?



This Is the Laziest Name Ever

So, there have been a lot of pictures going around of the cat with two faces that was born in Oregon. It’s obviously, extremely rare…and it deserves a name worthy of such rarity.

What did they name their 2-headed cat?


Deucey? That’s pure laziness. What…you didn’t want to go with “2 Face”??

So, if a 3-headed cat is born…we can safely assume that its name would be…Trey.

You have something so rare, so bizarrely cute, it deserves a crazy good name. “Facey McAwesome” or something like that.

Words Fail Me…..

…But Laughter Does Not! Behold the “World’s Greatest Phone Conversation in a Movie”

Darn it, I want money for neccessities too!

Very Fun Race

If you’re looking for a fun race to do this weekend…be sure to enjoy the Rhino Rampage over at the Blank Park Zoo. If I wasn’t busy faking a leg injury right now, I’d do this for sure. Head to to sign up!

Happy Father’s Day

This is why it’s hard to buy for us dads on Father’s Day. We don’t want anything. My wife keeps asking “What do you want? What do you want to do?” My answers are terrible…nothing, and just spend time with you & the kids. It makes gift-buying very difficult. This is all I want….(cue saying “awwwww” now)






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