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Kurt’s Blog: Sleepless in Urbandale, Miley, Kanye, and Making It Count!
Kurt’s Blog: Sleepless in Urbandale, Miley, Kanye, and Making It Count!

RIP William “Bill” Krause

From all of us Central Iowans, a heartfelt thank you for everything!

Sleepless in Urbandale

The past week/week & a half have really been a tremendous week of sports. Even though I have no vested interest in the Spurs/Heat Finals (except for the fact that I really, really, really, really, really, really don’t want the Heat to win tonight), it’s been an incredible series.

Then, there’s the Blackhawks/Bruins Stanley Cup Finals…holy (swear word)…I’m just drained. It has been SO good. Last night’s game was AWESOME (of course another overtime game). After the first 3 games of low-scoring, it was a shock to the system to see 11 goals scored…and they way they just came right after each other. Each team answered the other…and it just had me on the floor in fits of supreme joy and then complete agony.

I look forward to seeing my family again sometime next week. I wonder if they miss me?

Words Fail Me

I’m trying to like Miley Cyrus, I really am…but then she releases this video for “We Can’t Stop” (which is a song I dig)…and I’m totally confused. It’s like they were on the set and they just asked the crew….”What would be weird?” Then they took the answers, and slammed them all in the video.

It’s just weird.

Make It Count

Scientists have found that a species of spider mates with just one female in its life…and when it does, it results in spontaneous death. Then the “bride” eats her mate. That’s a bummer, but a good way to go, right? More importantly, what poor sap of a scientist has devoted his life to watching spiders mate? Yuck.

Watermelon Oreos

Colleen and I were discussing the release of the Watermelon Oreos that are hitting the shelves of Target. I was intrigued at first, but then Colleen brought up the fact that they are more sugar wafery than actualy Oreos. I say “PASS” to that! My wife likes those weird, pink, sugary wafery things with the fake cream in the middle. I think they’re one of the worst foods ever invented.

Perhaps I will taste-test the birthday cake Oreos again…now we’re talkin’!

Get in Theaters Now Already

What? Will Ferrell back to being funny? Now…THIS I like!

Kanye West

Kanye is back…with his album “Yeezus”. Listen, everything this man does is ridiculous to me. The words that come out of his mouth during interviews are that of an ego-centric, arrogant prima donna (probably with God complex as well)…but darn it if he doesn’t come out with some AWESOME songs (but also a handful of songs that critics love that never were any good).

I’m sure whatever current rendition of SPIN Magazine is out will proclaim “Yeezus” the best album of 2013, and one of the best of the 2000s. Without even hearing it, I will strongly disagree.Kim Kardashian rings in the New Year at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

(look at that smile…such a happy guy. Note: this photo was taken on New Years Eve…who wouldn’t want to celebrate it with Mr. Personality himself?)

Let’s Do the Top 5 Kanye West Songs

1. Never Let Me Down

2. Good Life

3. We Don’t Care

4. Power

5. All Falls Down

Oh goodie…he’s apparently already written 4 songs about his new daughter. 4 more songs I will not listen to.

Our Best Weekend Star Ever?

Not that I’m biased or anything…but this could be our best Weekend Star ever! All this weekend on STAR 102.5, we have your chance to win tickets to see Weird Al at Hoyt Sherman Place, August 4th. Mui excellente! (not that I’m excited for that concert or anything)

This List Annoyed Me:

This came from, and it’s just so stereotypical…and it’s ridiculous. It appears that whoever wrote this list has really never, ever, ever dated a sports freak.

15 Signs Your Man is a Complete Sports Freak

  • For your birthday, he buys you a jersey of a player you’ve never heard of  instead of the jewelry you asked for
  • He’s more interested in SportsCenter than your new lingerie
  • When it’s his turn to choose a movie, he picks “Field of Dreams”…for the 10th time…in three weeks.
  • He gets multiple texts throughout the night…from members of his fantasy draft team.
  • The only dance move he knows? A touchdown dance.
  • Ugh…there’s like 5 more, but it just gets worse.

Listen, I’m a sports freak…most of my friends would admit to being sports freaks as well….and none of us act like this.

The individual who put together this list has no clue…obviously she dated someone who was a bit nutso and she’s upset about it.

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