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Kurt’s Blog: Why Not “Walk Like an Egyptian”? The Internet is So Weird.
Kurt’s Blog: Why Not “Walk Like an Egyptian”? The Internet is So Weird.

The Return of the Harlem Shake..and I Don’t Know Why

Here it is…


That silliness…7,000,000 views. 7,000,000. That’s ridiculous.

That’s the new Gangnam Style-esque dance that has flooded the Internet. I don’t know why though…it’s so weird. Why the Harlem Shake? I mean, seriously, why not just bring back The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian”? It’s just as random.

Personally, the return of Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit hand motions would be fine with me…always enjoyed doing that.

The internet is so weird.

My Search for the Lay’s Potato Chips

If anyone has seen the Chicken & Waffles, or Sriracha-flavored, Lays potato chips, will you please let me know. I’m becoming obsessive about my trips to HyVee, Target, & gas stations looking for these, and I don’t even know 100% if they’re even in in stores yet.

Whew, Dodged That Bullet

So last night, was driving back from El Rodeo, had both kids in the backseat, and I have been trying to watch my mouth around them…especially around my 2 1/2 year old son…Dexter repeats everything. Anyways, an idiot driver in-front of me did some weird sudden stop, and I said “Jesus Christ” out of frustration…

From the backseat, a second later, I hear my son yell “Cheese and Crackers”. Then proceded to yell it 15 more times. Whew. Dodged that one…and to be honest, I like Cheese & Crackers better…it’s weird enough to work.

Die Hard

According to our good friend Grae Drake…and I take her opinion into account all the time when watching movies…Die Hard 5 is terrible…which I do not find surprising. Die Hard 4 was surprisingly good, but that should have been the end of it.

Oh, and just call these movies Die Hard 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 . Not “Great Day to Die Hard”, “Die Hard Forever”, “Die Harding has Never Been So Fun”, or whatever they try and call these movies.

Ranking the 5 Die Hard Movies

1. Die Hard 2

2. Die Hard

3. Die Hard 4

4. Die Hard 3

5. Die Hard 5

A Good Day to Die Hard Mural

This might be controversial, but I do put the second one over the first…and I know, the first one has Carl Winslow from Family Matters in it, right?

I remember my dad taking me to the theater to see Die Hard 2. He loves airplanes…and he knew what this movie was all about, but love him to death, he took me, what, I might have been 13? 14? to see it. I remember vividly the icicle in the eye…and the plane scene at the end.

What I also remember, is my dad complaining about things in the movie (and my dad is one of those who will sit and just enjoy the film), but he had issues with certain parts of the movie, and for whatever reason, it still sticks with me.

#1. John McClane is supposed to be in New York, but my dad immediately pointed out that the phone booth he goes to clearly says “Pacific Bell”, which is a West Coast phone company. Good eyes dad.

#2. The scene where John uses the ejection seat to get out of the airplane baffled my dad. Since the plane John was in was similar to a C-130 “Hercules”, there is no way to eject from that plane. There’s no canopy on the top that would shoot off, so in essence, John would have just slammed his head into the top of the plane (Note: my dad also points out that there are no ejection seats on those types of planes anyways).

Because of those moments with my dad…Die Hard 2 trumps the original.

In honor of my dad…this video…my dad loved putting together RC planes/copters like this…and had the same results. I remember my dad working for an entire summer on this airplane…and finally…finally, we would get to see it fly. I was holding the controller, with the instructions to do nothing but hold it (and that’s what I did).

My dad took the plane, turned on the motor, the propellers started spinning…my dad raised it over his head…my mom started rolling the big over-the-shoulder video cameras to capture this triumphant moment…my sister began clapping.

Like a quarterback, my dad threw the plane into the air…and it went straight down. A nose-dive straight down. Time of flight…less than a second. It went straight down…and broke.

I wish I could describe my father’s face. He doesn’t really ever get mad…but he has a look on his face of disgust, disappointment…with a bit of “What the hell was that?”…and just a smidge of “Stupid piece of junk”.

Then we went home.

In honor of that…here ya go dad.




Chris Farley Remembered

He would have been 49 today…to remember him, the Top 5 Chris Farley movies.

1. Tommy Boy

2. Almost Heroes (this movie is so dumb, but so funny)

3. Black Sheep

4. Beverly Hills Ninja

5. Airheads




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