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Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

Escaping a Literal Hell on Earth

This guy recorded his “escape” from the wildfires in California…and the footage is incredible.


Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

Oh Deer (sic)…It’s Happened Again

Iowa is #3 in the nation in terms of most car/deer collisions, how many have you hit?

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Monday, September 14, 201509/14/2015

All Hail the City of Anne Kenny

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What always gets mispronounced?


Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Can You Be Both Herky & Cy?

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When it comes to the Cyhawk…you either bleed black & gold…or Cardinal & gold…unless you switch.


Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Mal’s Official Prediction for Iowa/Iowa State

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Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Toddler Amazed by a Garage Door

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Thursday, September 10, 201509/10/2015

Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles Ellen

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They’ll be talking about this one for ages…or the next 24 hours.


Wednesday, September 9, 201509/09/2015

This Couple Proves Love Is Forever

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This elderly man waiting for his wife at the airport is just the cutest.


Tuesday, September 8, 201509/08/2015

Was Making Plans the Problem on This Date?

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That giant planner…became a giant problem

Grae Drake

Friday, September 4, 201509/04/2015

Who Wouldn’t Go on a Walk With Robert Redford?

In Grae Drake Movie Reviews, On Demand

Grae Drake of joins us to preview this weekend’s movies

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Alanis Morissette Updates “Ironic”

A lot has changed since the 90s, including the ironies. By the way, Alanis looks and sounds great!


Littering Was Bad, the Comment After Was Insane

The littering was tough enough to get over…but the insane comment after was icing on the cake.


How Do I Hang Up a Corded Phone?

Wait ’til we ask her to program the VCR!


Breaking and Entering Christmas

This December, we are going to make Christmas happen for one deserving Central Iowa family with Big Ken and Colleen’s Breaking & Entering Christmas.

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Our Breaking & Entering Letter

We have selected our Breaking & Entering family. Breaking & Entering, presented by Charles Gabus Ford, happens Monday morning, December 14th!

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He Likes Her, She Likes Him…Can They Handle the Family?

Will his family stand in the way of a promising relationship? Find out What Happened!

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Topics to Avoid: Nebraska, Politics…and Zerorez?

Here are few topics to avoid tomorrow to make it more peaceful Thanksgiving.


Will Mal’s Nerves Keep Her From Picking Against the Hawkeyes?

Will Mal’s nerves keep her from picking against the Hawkeyes?

paul rhoads pic

Paul Rhoads Montage

We’ll miss Coach Rhoads a lot….a great coach…a great guy!