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Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Love Stinks…Well, at a Sewage Plant.

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Where was the worst place you went on a first date?

Disney ABC Television Group Hosts “TCA Winter Press Tour”

Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Bachelor Contestant Sarah Dishes on Sean

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Did she push Tierra down the stairs? Did she touch Sean’s abs?


Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Check Out the New & Improved Chris Daughtry

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Proving that exercise does pay off!


Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Delete Your Ex For Good!

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Need some help making sure your ex never appears on your FB/Twitter posts ever again…here ya go!  

wireless festival day three 2 080712

Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Kurt’s Blog: You Can Make Your Own Pitbull Song in 6 Easy Steps

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Practice, practice, practice


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Clips: Dental Work? Ain’t Got Time For That!

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Sweet Georgia Brown is back, ya’ll!

Hollywood Trash

Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Hollywood Trash: Was Taylor Dissin’ Harry?

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We can’t tell if that was an English accent or not?

What's Up with Woz

Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Woz: Basking in Baconfest

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Find out who Woz is more popular than as well.


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Kurt’s Blog: Baconfest & Grammys Recap

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A weekend that starts with bacon…and ends with Prince with a cane in a headwrap? Awesome.


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Sweet Georgia Brown Dental Commercial

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Problem with your teeth? Ain’t got time for that!

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Grae Drake Remembers Robin Williams

Our good friend, Grae Drake of, shares with us her memories as we honor the brilliance of Robin Williams.


Branden Oliver’s State Fair Parody “Food”

Set to Magic!’s “Rude”…our good friend Branden Oliver gives us is 2014 State Fair Anthem…”Food”!


Kurt Tries Out Un-Fun Park Equipment

First up…this not-fun device at Walker Johnston Park.

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Remembering Hiawatha Rutland

RIP former Iowa State stand-out Hiawatha Rutland. Here’s a clip of him when he was in-studio with us a few years back.


The Annoying Co-Worker You Have to Tolerate

There’s one in every office, we just hope he’s not in the cubicle next to you

BKC Generic

What Infested the House

Bats…possums…50,000 bees?

Grae Drake

Grae Drake & John Mayer in an Elevator

Our good friend & movie reviewer, Grae Drake of, reviews this weekend’s movies, and also tell us of her elevator trip with John Mayer

Ladies Room

Ladies Room: What Falls Apart When You’re Gone?

Coll’s headed to Ireland…her husband is in charge…what could go wrong?