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Monday, January 28, 201301/28/2013

Do NOT Interview This Goat

Apparently, EVERYONE is angry with the media


Monday, January 28, 201301/28/2013

Why, Why Manti?

Perhaps the best auto-tune song since Antoine Dodson sang about stealing all your women & snatchin’ up your babies!


Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

A Very Excited Grammy Winner

In On Demand

Deanna Reed’s reaction to winning our Grammy Trip was something we had never experienced before!


Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Your Kid Took Your Phone, and What Happened?

In On Demand

Couple calls to 911…and how much was that vacation that your kid bought?

Grae Drake

Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Grae Drake: Those Two Kids From the Fairy Tales? They Just Kept On’ Killin’

In Grae Drake Movie Reviews, On Demand

Grae Drake is confused why one of this weekend’s movies didn’t get screened

Hollywood Trash

Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Hollywood Trash: Did Monti Know He Was Talking to a Guy?

In On Demand

Apparently, The Crying Game has gotten a reboot.

katy perry part of me premiere 15 030712

Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Katy Perry Is Paula Deen?

In On Demand

Well, that’s freaky!

photofest please caption asap for lynne

Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Kurt’s Blog: New Wave…I Won’t Forget About You

In Kurt's Blog

My Top 25 New Wave Songs of the 80s!

Ladies Room

Thursday, January 24, 201301/24/2013

Ladies Room: We Love Hearing Your Secrets

In On Demand, The Ladies Room

30% of women are keeping secrets…and they are are some really, really, really good ones!

Jay's WWW

Thursday, January 24, 201301/24/2013

Jay’s WWW: It’s a Stripper Throwdown!

In Jay's World of the Wacky, The Weird, & The Whhaatt?, On Demand

Plus, even a crime 25 years ago can come back to haunt you!

What’s Happening


Boy Comforts Girl…Hearts are Won

OMG…this exchange between two pre-schoolers is too cute for words.


Kurt’s “Chillin’ 4 Charity”

Kurt was given a #Chillin4Charity challenge by the Drake Women’s Basketball Team…he accepted.

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Willie Farrell – Italian Fest

Our good buddy Willie Farrell was in with us to talk about the fun to be had at this weekend’s Italian Fest!


When Did The Hormones Get the Best of You?

For Colleen it was a truckstop restaurant…and then we found out that restaurants seem to be a common theme.


Road Trips Gone Bad

Oh the fun of the road trip. It’s all fun and games until the pregnant wife begins throwing up in the car.

BKC Generic

What Movie Sucks You In Everytime?

From Shawshank Redemption to League of Their Own…there’s a movie that gets to every one of us.