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Taylor Swift

Friday, February 22, 201302/22/2013

Taylor Swift & Goat Mash-Up

In On Demand

This song will never be the same now.


Friday, February 22, 201302/22/2013

Cheerleader Makes an Incredible Shot

In On Demand

They should have just ended the game after this shot.


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Clips: Why You Shouldn’t Jump on a Cactus

In Ken & Colleen's Clips, On Demand

It’s the reaction that you would expect!

Ladies Room

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Ladies Room: Tried For One More…Got More.

In On Demand, The Ladies Room

It seems to be happening a lot lately. Couples trying for one more child…but end up with multiples!

Hollywood Trash

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Hollywood Hot 5: Britney Doesn’t Sing?

In On Demand

We weren’t suprised that, plus which celeb went under the knife yesterday?


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Check out “Google Glass”

In On Demand

See it & believe it!

DWP tv family portraits 060812

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Kurt’s Blog: I Was Almost As Manly As Big Ken….

In Kurt's Blog

We almost could have shared a drink…but, no.

downton abbey

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Downton Abbey Meets One Direction

In Kurt's Blog

The stars of DA belt out 1D!


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Simpson College Does the Harlem Shake

In Kurt's Blog

Finally, a Harlem Shake we can get behind!


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Why Cats Make the Worst Hunters

In Kurt's Blog

The element of surprise was lost…sort of.

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This December, we are going to make Christmas happen for one deserving Central Iowa family with Big Ken and Colleen’s…

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He Shouldn’t Have Jumped to That Conclusion

A friend of a co-worker of ours couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get a call back from a woman he went on a date with…but it all had to do with a snicker.

BKC Generic 2

Comedian Greg Warren Will Wrestle You

If you’re a crazy person, and you punch him in the head, Greg Warren will…take…you…down.


What NFL Head Coach is Actually a Muppet?

Mal the Sports Gal tell us how terrible of a week it’s been since the Hawkeyes & Bears debacles from last week…plus, will she pick against Dowling?

bonne finken

Bonne Finken “Step Back Baby” In-Studio

Be sure to catch Bonne Finken & the Collective tomorrow night at Wooly’s for an all-ages show!


What’s Your Veteran Looking Forward to Today?

From free lunches to free haircuts, some of our proud vets are ready to celebrate today right