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Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Check Out the New & Improved Chris Daughtry

Proving that exercise does pay off!


Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Delete Your Ex For Good!

Need some help making sure your ex never appears on your FB/Twitter posts ever again…here ya go!  

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Tuesday, February 12, 201302/12/2013

Kurt’s Blog: You Can Make Your Own Pitbull Song in 6 Easy Steps

In Kurt's Blog

Practice, practice, practice


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Clips: Dental Work? Ain’t Got Time For That!

In Ken & Colleen's Clips, On Demand

Sweet Georgia Brown is back, ya’ll!

Hollywood Trash

Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Hollywood Trash: Was Taylor Dissin’ Harry?

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We can’t tell if that was an English accent or not?

What's Up with Woz

Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Woz: Basking in Baconfest

In On Demand

Find out who Woz is more popular than as well.


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Kurt’s Blog: Baconfest & Grammys Recap

In Kurt's Blog

A weekend that starts with bacon…and ends with Prince with a cane in a headwrap? Awesome.


Monday, February 11, 201302/11/2013

Sweet Georgia Brown Dental Commercial

In Kurt's Blog

Problem with your teeth? Ain’t got time for that!


Friday, February 8, 201302/08/2013

An Actor’s View of an On-Screen Kiss

In On Demand

Comedian Eddie Ifft was is at the Funnybone this weekend, and shared some stories of what an actor really goes through on set!


Friday, February 8, 201302/08/2013

Oh Boy, Kurt’s Singing About Bacon

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Our deepest apologies to Adele!

What’s Happening


Grandma Might Have the Treasure!

This little girl calls her grandma to let her know that there might be a pot of gold waiting for her when she comes home


The “Pixar Theory” in Video Form

Now it sort of makes a little sense…but still super-complicated.

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Is Going to the Strip Club Really That Bad?

We definitely heard from both sides of the aisle on this one.

BKC Generic

Don’t Call Me Puddin’!

Oh, puddin’, and the other sweet pet names we have for each other.


Please, Stop Sniffing the Skunks

Skunks, tennis balls, and other weird smells we actually, secretly like

grant ganzer

Who Did The Voice’s Grant Ganzer Have To Do a Last Minute Google On?

Johnston’s very own Grant Ganzer, joined us in the studio this morning to talk about the Voice and who he had to Google last second.


Aretha Franklin Had a Really Tough Day

Friday morning was a morning chock full of interviews for the Queen of Soul…but it didn’t go well.