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Wednesday, January 23, 201301/23/2013

Kurt’s Blog: The Greatest Rumor Ever & I Shouldn’t Have Re-Watched That

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Favorite band + Favorite Place = Heaven

Hollywood Trash

Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Hollywood Trash: Al Roker Really Wants to Meet the President

In Kurt's Blog

Just keep yellin’ at him Al. Plus, Prince Harry finally talks about his naked Vegas romp.


Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Monte Teo Tries “The Dating Game”

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Will he still make the same mistake? Find out!


Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Video: We Are Cycling at the Moment

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Well, we WERE cycling…oops.


Tuesday, January 22, 201301/22/2013

Kurt’s Blog: I’ve Been Teo-ing For Years!

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Started Monte Teo, but I started this trend long ago

What's Up with Woz

Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

Woz: From Rodeo Drive to Council Bluffs

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From the glitz & glamour of Beverly Hills to a gutted-out strip club in Council Bluffs, Woz does it all!


Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

Hear Monte Teo & his “Girlfriend”‘s Latest CD

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They’re singing all your favorite duets!!


Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

Did You Know You Could Do This To a CD?

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Well, we had no idea you could do this…but a certain Creed CD might be meeting it’s demise today

hunger games 3 210312

Monday, January 21, 201301/21/2013

Kurt’s Blog: Oh, Now I Get It…Plus, 10 Songs I’m Listening To

In Kurt's Blog

10 Songs (both old and new) that I’m listening to a lot


Friday, January 18, 201301/18/2013

Yoga For Dogs?

In Kurt's Blog

Yoga for dogs? You know it! It’s called “Doga”

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Super Cute Ice Bucket Challenge

Barbie…Dora…you have been challenged by this adorable 2-year old!

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Flip Flops Aren’t Shoes

Find out why Ken a.k.a. “Suggestion Man” says flip-flops are not shoes!

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Mal the Sports Gal Demands More Trash Talking

Mal the Sports Gal says she’s excited for tomorrow’s game, but she wants some more intra-office friction!

Grae Drake

Grae Drake Is Concerned About the Ugly Fish of the Sea

A review of Dolphin Tale 2…and a movie without dolphins as well

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Why Aren’t You Going to the Block Party?

Food…socializing…making memories…Seems like a good time, right?.Maybe not.

Ladies Room

Ladies Room: Marking Your Territory

Peeing on the leg isn’t socially acceptable anymore…

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What Slang is Confusing You?

What are the kids sayin’? We’re still not sure…but we know we’re jelly of them.