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Wednesday, September 9, 201509/09/2015

This Couple Proves Love Is Forever

This elderly man waiting for his wife at the airport is just the cutest.


Tuesday, September 8, 201509/08/2015

Was Making Plans the Problem on This Date?

In On Demand

That giant planner…became a giant problem

Grae Drake

Friday, September 4, 201509/04/2015

Who Wouldn’t Go on a Walk With Robert Redford?

In Grae Drake Movie Reviews, On Demand

Grae Drake of joins us to preview this weekend’s movies


Friday, September 4, 201509/04/2015

Does Mal the Sports Gal See a Happy Weekend for Us?

In On Demand

Will it be a happy Labor Day Weekend for Hawkeye & Cyclone fans?


Thursday, September 3, 201509/03/2015

Ever Had to Army Crawl Out of a Bathroom Stall?

In On Demand

Where did you get stuck…and how did you escape?

BKC Generic

Thursday, September 3, 201509/03/2015

Get That Creepy Painting Outta Here!

In On Demand

What says class better than a framed picture of beef?


Wednesday, September 2, 201509/02/2015

Guy Saves Family While Saving Rack of Ribs

In On Demand

Don’t worry…everyone was safe…and the ribs were delicious!


Tuesday, September 1, 201509/01/2015

Scared of Spoons?

In On Demand

From spoons to ostriches….we all have some bizarre phobias


Tuesday, September 1, 201509/01/2015

Hosts React Appropriately to Giant Shark

In On Demand

Agreed…the water is not a safe place.


Monday, August 31, 201508/31/2015

A Raccoon is Very Concerned for His Brother

In On Demand

The reaching out to save his brother is just too much.

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Cute 3-Year Old Sings “The Little Mermaid”

3-year old Claire couldn’t be any cuter while singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.


Teacher Channels Adele to Plead for a Snow Day

She’s right…if it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow and everyone gets the day off.


Colleen Takes Us Swimsuit Shopping

Colleen went swimsuit shopping…and brought all of us along!

Big Ken & Colleen On Demand

Sorry to the owner of 321-1025

Sorry to the owner of 321-1025.

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Engagement Rings for Under $1000?

1/3 of women say it’s totally fine with them if their engagement ring is under $1000

Grae Drake Movie Reviews

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies…and Grae Drake

Grae Drake from joins us to review “Hail Caesar” & “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”


Will Mal Trust Peyton Manning?

Mal the Sports Gal joined us to preview Sunday’s game…will she go with her heart and get behind Peyton Manning?

steve o

In-Studi-O with Steve-O

Steve-O joined us in-studio…check him out the Funnybone Wednesday-Sunday.