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Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

Escaping a Literal Hell on Earth

This guy recorded his “escape” from the wildfires in California…and the footage is incredible.


Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

Oh Deer (sic)…It’s Happened Again

Iowa is #3 in the nation in terms of most car/deer collisions, how many have you hit?

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Monday, September 14, 201509/14/2015

All Hail the City of Anne Kenny

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What always gets mispronounced?


Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Can You Be Both Herky & Cy?

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When it comes to the Cyhawk…you either bleed black & gold…or Cardinal & gold…unless you switch.


Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Mal’s Official Prediction for Iowa/Iowa State

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Friday, September 11, 201509/11/2015

Toddler Amazed by a Garage Door

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Thursday, September 10, 201509/10/2015

Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles Ellen

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They’ll be talking about this one for ages…or the next 24 hours.


Wednesday, September 9, 201509/09/2015

This Couple Proves Love Is Forever

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This elderly man waiting for his wife at the airport is just the cutest.


Tuesday, September 8, 201509/08/2015

Was Making Plans the Problem on This Date?

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That giant planner…became a giant problem

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Friday, September 4, 201509/04/2015

Who Wouldn’t Go on a Walk With Robert Redford?

In Grae Drake Movie Reviews, On Demand

Grae Drake of joins us to preview this weekend’s movies

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Jurassic Park for a Tortoise

This tortoise owner obviously spared no expense…


Melting a Jawbreaker is Beautifully Hypnotic

Putting a blowtorch to a jawbreaker is surprisingly beautiful.

Big Ken & Colleen On Demand

ladies room

Should You Get “Me”-ternity Time?

Listeners Heidi & Deeanna join Colleen in the Ladies Room to debate “Me”ternity time

ladies room

What Was Your Favorite Mom-ism?

Heidi and Deeanna join Colleen in the Ladies Room to talk their favorite mom-isms

ken and colleen shirt pic

Don’t Be Lookin’ for an Apology from Colleen

What does your spouse say you never do?

Jay's WWW

Jay’s WWW: A Hotel for the Dead

Who wouldn’t enjoy a hotel for the dead?

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Just How Bored Were You at Work?

How bored were you at work?