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Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Did Pizzas in a Fireplace Do Him in?

In On Demand

We’ll find out “What Happened” between Tia & Dean!


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

The Many Ways to Hold a Baby

In On Demand

This dad demonstrates the many various ways to carry a baby…including “Beer Belly Hider”


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Kurt’s Blog: If I’m Buying a Million Dollar Home…This are My Demands

In Kurt's Blog

My dream home will put Ricky’s from “Silver Spoons” to shame.


Wednesday, June 24, 201506/24/2015

Morning Show Host Nearly Kills Someone

In Kurt's Blog

Seriously…one of the hosts of Fox & Friends nearly killed a drummer.


Monday, June 22, 201506/22/2015

This Cat Chose a Poor Spot to Take a Nap

In Kurt's Blog

When napping, don’t do it on a wing of an airplane.

Grae Drake

Friday, June 19, 201506/19/2015

Grae Drake Gets the Feels During “Inside Out”

In Grae Drake Movie Reviews, On Demand

Grae Drake, from, joined us to talk “Inside Out” and “Dope”


Friday, June 19, 201506/19/2015

Des Moines’ Very Own Willie Farrell

In On Demand

Catch Willie at the Funnybone this weekend!


Thursday, June 18, 201506/18/2015

Is That a Bra..or a Flower Pot?

In On Demand

Some of our listeners have an incredible eye for this…we, do not.


Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

Owning a Pet Dinosaur Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

In On Demand

Living with a dinosaur seems like a cool idea…but they’re just like any roommate.

BKC Generic

Monday, June 15, 201506/15/2015

Monty, Twinkles, and Teardrop…What Happened?

In On Demand

Why won’t their be second date? Spoiler: It might have to do with the 9 foot predator living with him.

What’s Happening


Toddler Takes on Karate Boards

This little guy doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit!


The Adventures of Humping Harold

Ken’s dog Harold got kicked out of Doggy Daycare…again.


Shark Attack Caught on Camera

This is some incredible footage of a shark attack during a surfing competition.

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Night at the park held at Hague Zuiderpark

Featuring: Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Duran Duran
Where: The Hague, Netherlands
When: 27 Jun 2015

Duran Duran’s John Taylor

They have a new album coming out, and we spoke with John Taylor of Duran Duran


All It Took Was One Wrong Turn

The drive was going great until one wrong turn.

BKC Generic 2

Put the Blame on the Name

There was nothing he could to save this date.