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Friday, August 14, 201508/14/2015

Comedian Chris Porter’s Dating Advice

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Catch Chris Porter at the Funnybone this weekend!


Thursday, August 13, 201508/13/2015

Branden Oliver’s New State Fair Song

In On Demand

Our good friend Branden Oliver made us another State Fair song…and to be honest…nothing compares, it’s incredible.


Thursday, August 13, 201508/13/2015

Incredible Grab By Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo

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Climbing the tarp…balancing on the wall…and then jumping into the stands…add it to highlight reel!


Wednesday, August 12, 201508/12/2015

Captiol Hill Interns Make a Terrible Parody

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We’ll pass on tickets to the Capitol Hill Talent Show, but thank you.


Wednesday, August 12, 201508/12/2015

Kurt’s Blog: I No Longer Fear Confrontation

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Cutting in line…seriously…what are you…in 4th grade?


Wednesday, August 12, 201508/12/2015

Political Ad With Dragons, Robots, and Aliens?

In Kurt's Blog

Canada has really upped the political ad game!


Wednesday, August 12, 201508/12/2015

The Coolest Firework Ever?

In Kurt's Blog

This is a must for any future 4th of July! Behold…the firework ladder!


Tuesday, August 11, 201508/11/2015

Are Runners Cursing Themselves Every Time?

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We found a study that says people who run actually spend the entire time thinking about how much they hate running.


Friday, August 7, 201508/07/2015

Kurt’s Blog: My Pride for My Son Has No Bounds

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My son is turning 5 on Monday…and I’m a blubbering mess.

The Muppets and Lady Gaga at Christmas. Shown on Channel 5 HD

Featuring: Kermit the Frog,Miss Piggy
When: 23 Dec 2013
Credit: Supplied by WENN

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Wednesday, August 5, 201508/05/2015

Kurt’s Very Awkward Interview With Miss Piggy

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By question #3…it was apparent that Miss Piggy was not in the mood to have fun.

What’s Happening


Toddler Takes on Karate Boards

This little guy doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit!


The Adventures of Humping Harold

Ken’s dog Harold got kicked out of Doggy Daycare…again.


Shark Attack Caught on Camera

This is some incredible footage of a shark attack during a surfing competition.

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