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Thursday, December 10, 201512/10/2015

Monkey Amazed By Magic!

This monkey can not believe the magic trick this guy just pulled off!


Wednesday, December 9, 201512/09/2015

Kurt’s Blog: If I Were a Woman…I’d Lose My Mind

In Kurt's Blog

You keep it together at the mall…well done to you.


Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Santa Always Finds a Way

In Kurt's Blog

This little girl has trouble with communicating, but that didn’t stop Santa and her from having a very heartfelt conversation.


Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Ed Sheeran Offers a Peep Show

In Kurt's Blog

Ed Sheeran was offering a private concert for $2…but no one showed up.

Aston Merrygold backstage at Fusion Festival 2015 at Cofton Park in Birmingham - Friday

Featuring: Aston Merrygold
Where: Birmingham, United Kingdom
When: 28 Aug 2015
Credit: James Watkins/

Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Kurt’s Blog: These “Hoverboards” are Just the Dumbest

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Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

The One & Only Dixie Longate

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The one & only Dixie Longate has a new show at the Temple Theater, and she joined us in-studio!

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Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

Was the BBQ Better Than the Date?

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Mmm…bbq…not even love can stand in its way, right?


Friday, December 4, 201512/04/2015

KCCI’s Andy Garman Live from Indianapolis

In On Demand

KCCI’s Andy Garman joined us this morning from Indianapolis to preview tomorrow night’s game


Friday, December 4, 201512/04/2015

Will Mal the Sports Gal Follow Her Heart?

In On Demand

Mal is nervous…will it affect her pick?

Ladies Room

Thursday, December 3, 201512/03/2015

Tweezers…the Most Important Thing Ever

In On Demand, The Ladies Room

What did you lose and could never replace?

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Cute 3-Year Old Sings “The Little Mermaid”

3-year old Claire couldn’t be any cuter while singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.


Teacher Channels Adele to Plead for a Snow Day

She’s right…if it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow and everyone gets the day off.


Colleen Takes Us Swimsuit Shopping

Colleen went swimsuit shopping…and brought all of us along!

Big Ken & Colleen On Demand

Grae Drake Movie Reviews

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies…and Grae Drake

Grae Drake from joins us to review “Hail Caesar” & “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”


Will Mal Trust Peyton Manning?

Mal the Sports Gal joined us to preview Sunday’s game…will she go with her heart and get behind Peyton Manning?

steve o

In-Studi-O with Steve-O

Steve-O joined us in-studio…check him out the Funnybone Wednesday-Sunday.


Our Caucus Correspondent Reports

Thank you to the finest group of correspondents that we could ever have asked for!

BKC Generic

The Odds Were Not in this Hopeful Couple’s Favor

He was rattling off the movie quotes…but all of them were off-target