Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

Listen to the wishes we’ve granted this year.

Schmitz family visits Walt Disney World

We were touched by Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish for her husband, her children, and David’s new wife last December. More than 2.2 million people have watched the video and countless more have been moved all over the world.

Recently, the Schmitz family got to take their magical trip to Walt Disney World. David’s fiancee, Jayne, sent STAR 102.5 an email and photos from their trip.

Hi!  I have not had the pleasure of meeting you via email.  I am sending you some pictures of our trip.  To tell you a few things about our trip that you may not already know or maybe you do.  First of all, It was a MAGICAL trip of a lifetime!  Thank you all for sponsoring our trip inclusive (sic) of Star 102.5 and all of the businesses that donated. 
The kids were extremely excited about all of it!  We arrived at the airport and were treated like royalty the minute we stepped off the plane.  Being transported in our Limo all week!  It was grand.  The pictures only capture a few moments of the trip.  Our first morning there, we were swept up to the front stage with the performance dancers to open the gate as the guest family.  Our VIP tour guide was awesome!  Ryan was his name and he developed a special place in our hearts for all of the giving and time spent with us.

We started out our week at Magic Kingdom, Monday we went to Animal Kingdom,  Tuesday we went to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  Wednesday was my “spa” day and I enjoyed a 90 minute full body massage which I have NEVER had before!!!  It was wonderful!!  Then, my daughter, Madison, and I were swept up by the limo to take us to a mall for mother, daughter makeovers!  The “boys” spent the day at the water park! 

Our rooms were amazing, the food was incredible!  David and I got to share a night out, paid for by the limo company to a 5 star restaurant in downtown Orlando!  Talk about FUN!!!  I think we all got a sure taste of royalty this week.

Again, with our deepest appreciation and thanksgiving for providing us this amazing trip…ALL in Honor of the Special woman, Brenda Schmitz!!  She was an amazing woman and I am ever so lucky to have David and all of the kids to Love and to hold!  Brenda and I get to share something very special and I will forever be so thankful for this opportunity.  Praise God and Praise our Guardian Angel, Brenda!

God Bless you all!!

Jayne, David, Josh, Madison, Justin, Sam and Max


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Christmas Wish #9: Dana Parmenter

Coleen takes care of her 10 year old nephew Sam – who has cerebral palsy. As she gets older, helping him get around has become more difficult. Her daughter Dana wishes to make life a little easier for them both.

Christmas Wish #8: Allyson Ladd

Allyson lost her Dad suddenly in June after he was hit on a bike while training for Ragbrai. Her Mom continues to stay strong for the family, but Allyson wants to give her a very special Christmas Wish.

Christmas Wish #7: Nichole Ortiz

Like so many, Nichole and her husband Robert have been struggling to stay afloat. Robert’s taking steps to better himself by continuing his automotive education – and needs a little extra help this Christmas.

Christmas Wish #6: Ralph Chiodo

Rochelle went to college with Ralph and, through the power of Facebook, has followed him through the years. She’s impressed with all Ralph’s doing with his life and how he gives back to his community.

Christmas Wish #5: Erin Aldridge

Erin’s husband Josh struggles with an immune deficiency – making it tough for him to play with their two active boys. Even simple things like taking them to on a bike ride or to play at the park are tough.

Christmas Wish #4: Kendra Richards

After battling health issues earlier this year, Kendra is convinced God saved her life – and her 5 year old daughter, Reese, saved her spirit. Kendra takes a minute to recognize Reese’s soft and caring heart with a Christmas Wish.

Christmas Wish #3: Melissia Vorel

At age 38, Melissia found out she had cancer and was pregnant with her 4th child within a day of each other. 9 years later, she’s cancer free and looking for ways to create memories for her family.

Christmas Wish #2: Lisa Dolan

Lisa has suffered with health concerns for a number of years. Her brother, Larry, has stepped up in every way possible to help Lisa and her two daughters. Now, it’s time for Lisa to give back.

Christmas Wish #1: Michelle Cunningham

A Christmas Wish is granted for a mother hoping to recognize her daughter for all she’s done this year.

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