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Just Clip It

Week of September 28 WIn a pair of tickets to Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo! More information at blank park zoo . com

Just Clip It-Tuesday, June 9

Answer:  Sammy Hagar-“Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy”

Just Clip It-Monday, June 8

Answer:  Tina Turner-“Private Dancer”

Just Clip It-Friday, June 5

Answer:  Whitesnake-“Is This Love?”

Just Clip It-Thursday, June 4

Answer:  Madonna-“Express Yourself”

Just Clip It-Wednesday, June 3

Answer:  Jimmy Ray-“Are You Jimmy Ray?”

Just Clip It-Tuesday, June 2

Answer: Donna Summer – “She Works Hard For the Money”

Just Clip It-Monday, June 1

Answer:  Jamiroquai-“Virtual Insantity”

Just Clip It-Friday, May 29

Answer:  N’Sync-“I Want You Back”

Just Clip It-Thursday, May 28

Answer:  Peter Gabriel-“In Your Eyes”

Just Clip It-Wednesday, May 27

Answer:  R.E.M.-“Stand”

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