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Thursday, May 12, 201605/12/2016

Valley Junction Farmer’s Market

This is one of my favorite events in the metro. It’s close to my house, so it has become a…

Tuesday, May 10, 201605/10/2016

Meet Kevin Sorbo

I had a chance to chat with actor/author Kevin Sorbo before his appearance at Wizard World Comic Con, coming this…


Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

Help Take A Slice Out of Hunger with Gusto Pizza Co!

Gusto Pizza Co. What more can I say? I love them. I love their food, and I love who they…

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Wednesday, May 4, 201605/04/2016

It’s a weight loss game changer!

A very interesting study was done with a few participants in the reality show The Biggest Loser and how their…


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Happy Mother’s Day Mom—here’s Garth…

For Mother’s Day I am taking my Mom to Garth Brooks. A little early than the official holiday, but we…

Grand Blue Mile 3

Wednesday, April 27, 201604/27/2016

I finished the Grand Blue Mile!

Last night was the Grand Blue Mile, and I had a goal to beat my time from last year, which…

Tuesday, April 26, 201604/26/2016

Our National Disaster is OVER according to Kelly Ripa!

She returned today and still has people talking!

Fleet Feet Group

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

I’m still trying to run

Many of you have followed my journey to get fit and know that I am trying my best to continue…

Tuesday, April 19, 201604/19/2016

Everything you wanted to know about Taylor Swift in 73 questions!

I stumbled across this little video and I found it really enlightening. Taylor Swift has an amazing sense of humor,…


Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

What a difference 5 or 10 years makes!

Today I turn 45. I used to think that was so old. Until I got here. Now I have a…

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