Karess Carter

Am I the only one who loves this catalog?
Am I the only one who loves this catalog?

Nothing makes you feel old like ordering things from catalogs that your Grandma used to keep in the house.

I’m almost too embarrassed to go any further with this blog. I always used to glance at this particular catalog. And now, I order from it.

I’m talking about Miles Kimball.


I used to laugh at the items in this catalog. My Grandma used to get. My Mom still gets it. Not only do I get it, I order from it now.

Why wouldn’t you order paper plate holders? And you can save $2? I’m in! And the lawn aeroator sandals, just make sense, right? For $8.99 you can’t go wrong really.

As I was laying in bed last night, I caught myself folding down the corners of pages that had items on it that I might order. The plastic sugar and flour keepers could be really nice to have. I already bought the brown sugar preserver. (It does work great and keeps your brown sugar nice and soft.) There is a spiral weight loss ring that adheres to the Japanese belief that applying pressure to a particular finger may help weight loss in problem areas.  Wear it on your middle finger to target your butt and so on. And for $2.99…

So there is my shame. Spelled out in a blog. I’ve become an old lady.