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Being healthy, a 5K and some I get to judge some food!
Being healthy, a 5K and some I get to judge some food!

I blogged this week about finishing a cleanse. Well since then I have continued my ‘healthy eating’ and thrown in more walking. My daughter and I have started exploring our neighborhood. At the end of every street she determines our new direction. It can take a while to get back home, but we are having fun with it.

I am getting ready to walk my first 5K on Saturday with Metro Arts Rock N Run. Yes, I know the word run is in the the name, but I’m walking. I’m not ready for a run. But I am really looking forward to this event as there are 9 different bands performing on the route! Woz is going to walk it with me, so he is going to keep pushing me until we finish. Wanna join me? Go HERE┬áto check out their special Facebook page. Or go HERE to get yourself registered! You can walk with Woz and I! I really like that the proceeds benefit Metro Arts too!

Next up on my agenda is DishCrawl’s Battledish Des Moines! There are now 7 chefs competing here in Des Moines. I have a couple of ways for you to check it out and save some $$.

First up is a preview next Wednesday night at BOS as Chef John Andres is doing a preview of his dishes. I have a link for you to get the details right HERE. Wanna get a free ticket to this? Go to the link and purchase your ticket. Then click the box I HAVE A PROMO CODE and type in ‘battledishpreview’ and your ticket will be free! (limited quantities so hussle!)

The big competition is October 5th. This is the big showdown with lots of food and drinks. There are different ways for you to go to this event and try the dishes. Details are HERE. I can get you free admission to the event, or $15 off any package to the event. Use the link, decide what package you might be interested in and then use the code ‘trybattledishfree2’ for the discount! We are talking seven chefs from here in the metro! I’m excited to be a judge for this. One of my friends is a big ‘foodie’ so I invited here to join me. She had heard of the event and is excited to be going with me now. We are indulging!

My goal is eat healthy and behave until Wednesday nights sampling. I will bend a little that night! Then back to eating healthy until the day of the competition. Then it is on!


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