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Bring on Battledish Des Moines!
Bring on Battledish Des Moines!

I get to be a judge! I’m taking this very seriously and I can’t wait!

I learned about Dishcrawl through a listener. She told me about the group and then invited me to be a judge for the upcoming Battledish Des Moines!

What is this you ask? It is an event happening in 12 cities around the United States/Canada. Des Moines just happens to be one of those cities! To better explain it, here is an excerpt from the official website:

Des Moines has been entered in an international Battledish: a competition between chefs around the world.

Six chefs have been chosen to compete in Battledish: Des Moines this October in conjunction with the 60 other chefs competing in North America for King of Battledish.

Saturday, October 5th, from 2pm-6pm, the competition grounds of downtown Des Moines. Foodies are invited to vote with their taste buds and try all six chef creations.

Chefs will be creating smaller versions of their dishes priced at $5 each. Drink pairings are also available at $5. Can you dish and drink with all six chefs in four hours?

Culinary titles: Most Delicious, Most Creative, Best Modern, Best Cocktail, Most Authentic.

Competitors and their dishes will be revealed to the public every week here in preparation for battle day.

Chefs / Dishes :

Mike Holman Executive Chef Dos Rios Cantina and Tequila Lounge.


Joe Mcconville Chef / Partner Gusto Pizza

Jeff Deets Executive Chef Liberty’s – An Iowa Grill

Sean Wilson Executive Chef/Partner Proof

What is Battledish? Battledish is the world’s biggest chef competition taking place in cities around the world. Local chefs compete by presenting their creations and having the public cast their vote on who will be crowned King. Check out the latest battlegrounds and competitions at http://battledish.com.

What is the Battledish event like? Think of it as a walking adventure through Court District restaurants where chefs are waiting with their creations. At check-in, you will receive a map and a menu of the Battledish. It is then up to you to decide who to vote for. Battlegrounds are open for four hours. Everything is within walking distance.

This is a very cool event, and I have to say, an impressive selection of chefs! You can participate and buy tickets right HERE! There are a number of different packages you can get, depending on if you want to just sample dishes or try the complete entree/drink at every venue.

Now I love food. And I’m sorta addicted to Food Network. I love to try new dishes at home and I watch a ton of cooking shows. (Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, and Iron Chef are just a few being taped on my DVR contantly!) So I’m excited about this opportunity and can’t wait for the big day.

Here in Des Moines, the battle is October 5. We have an amazing culinary movement going on in Des Moines right now. Let’s embrace it!

There is also more info on the Dishcrawl Facebook page, located HERE.


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