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Celebrating some major milestones
Celebrating some major milestones

I’m back from a week vacation. I didn’t go anywhere nor did I get a lot of the things on my ‘to do ‘ list done. Oh well!

On Sunday February 3rd, I celebrated 10 years here at STAR. In radio years that is like 50. I’ve never been in one place for so long, and that really says a lot about this place. For me to even want to stay in one place for longer than 3 years, well, it was unheard of before.

Another celebrated milestone was my little girl turning 5. Rhiannon had a rough start, arriving at 27 weeks. Five years has gone by faster than I ever imagined possible. So Thursday was her birthday and she took Hello Kitty cupcakes to school. My husband and I took the day to spend together and we took cupcakes up to the NICU at Blank Children’s Hospital. We got to see a lot of the nurses who took care of Rhi during her 96 days there. We even ran into the Dr. that delivered her! My husband and I then had a lunch date at Zombie Burger, which as always, was incredible.

Friday we spent the day together as a family and coined it ‘Rhi’s Family Fun Day’. We started ┬áby taking Rhiannon to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, her favorite place!

Rhiannon stuffing her face at Dunkin Donuts

Then we headed to The Science Center so we could see Sue, the T-Rex. I loved this exhibit as she was found very close to where I grew up. I remember being away at college and hearing about the discovery close to where my parents grew up.

Rhiannon with Sue the T-Rex

Then we headed to Incredible Pizza for lunch and some fun. It really was a great day together, and we ended it by playing board games at home.

As for the rest of my time off, it was not as fun. One day I had an appointment with our tax lady. And another I did a stress test up at Methodist. Now I am overweight, and have a history of high blood pressure. February is National Heart Awareness month. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women. So I hadn’t had a stress test in 3 years, it was decided by my doctor that I needed to do it again. When you are out of shape, running on a treadmill is not fun. One that keeps increasing in speed and incline while you are barely hanging on, is just plain brutal. But I did it, and everything came back ok. Now I have the all clear to get my butt in gear and get healthy. If you think you might be at risk, please do yourself a favor and go get tested. It’s worth it. It wasn’t fun, but I’m glad I did it.

Last night I went to see Matchbox Twenty. I’ve seen them many times, but they continue to put on one of the best shows! I really feel like I gave a 2 1/2 hour concert myself last night as I sang along to every song except one that I forgot the words to from the ‘More Than You Think You Are’ cd. They sounded great! I adore them and am already online to see if I can roadtrip to see them again. I ran into a listener in the bathroom who thanked me for her tickets. She won them from STAR and said it was a real treat. I agree!

With Matchbox 20

And here is how my vacation ended…water leak. I came home from the show and was talking to my husband in the basement when I felt a drop of water on my head. After some investigation, we discovered we had water leaking from a pipe in the drop ceiling. I’m hoping this is an easy fix. Anyone know a good reliable plumber?

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