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Cupcakes, Restore and the Book of Mormon
Cupcakes, Restore and the Book of Mormon

Let’s start with Cupcakes. I do just adore them. And before I go to far I want to point out that the following blog in no way indicates I am cheating on my Valley Junction cupcake hookup Carefree Patisserie. But I strongly believe that  little competition is ok and you CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CUPCAKES. Right?

Yesterday I took Rhiannon to her dentist appointment at Jordan Creek Pediatric Dentistry (Hi Dr. Rob and staff!) where she had her 6 month checkup. The staff was talking about a new cupcake place they visited over their lunch hour. I asked for more details, because, I adore cupcakes. The showed me the flyer and it is a new place called Scratch Cupcakery across from Jordan Creek Town Center. Why have I not known about this place?

Rhiannon and I decided to check it out because she deserved a treat for being so awesome at the dentist and she missed snack at school. (No need to point out the contradition from going to a bakery after a dentist appointment. I got it.) We decided to try three cupcakes after dinner. The place was hopping! Several dozen cupcakes were being ordered as we were there and they had 4 people working the counter at 4pm on a Monday. I was amazed!

I really wanted to try the Wedding Cake cupcake but they were out. They have about 20 different flavors each day, so we went with Key Lime, Turtle and Raspberry. If you go to their website you can see the different flavors each day as it changes, and get a description of the flavors. After we were there I was on their website and mentioned it on my Facebook page. I had posted on their page that I was thrilled to have discovered them and was thankful they don’t deliver. They do. So not what I needed! As I type this I am thinking of what I want to order and trying not to do it. cupcake

I know the photo is blurry but there is a Banana Cream cupcake with my name on it!

So this place really is cool. I can tell you that the Key Lime was to die for. Rhi was head over heels for the Raspberry one. I mean they were all very very good. But we are now addicted.

Next up I want to touch on the Home and Garden Show at the Iowa Events Center 2/7-2/10. I created a lamp as an entry in the Habitat for Humanity Restore Contest at the Creative Solutions Home. Come and vote for your favorite. Don’t let me down here. I do love the event and can’t wait to see the crew from Loki’s Garden again. When I win the lottery I am going to have them come and spend a few months making my yard beautiful and serene. I always get great ideas for my house at this show.

Friday night I took my friend Val to the Book of Mormon at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines. My work husband Woz was a little upset he didn’t get to go with me, but Val is new to the area and had never been to a show there. We had a blast! As we arrived we both commented on the sign that mentioned the language in the show. I thought it was odd that the songs weren’t listed in the program as they usually are. And then I found out why…

This show is very funny. I could see where some people might be offended. I however am not in the category. I laughed out loud. I ran home to tell everyone I know how great this show was. And I started plotting a way to see it again. It really is that rare gem that you don’t want to miss. Having said that, it is not for everyone. The couple next to Val never returned after intermission. But Val and I both agreed it was fabulous. Go. Be offended. And laugh.

book of mormon

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