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Did you watch The Voice?
Did you watch The Voice?

I will admitted I wasn’t sure if I would be able to embrace Usher and Shakira coming to The Voice. I was nervous that I would no longer see that chemistry between the judges. And I also worried that after 3 seasons, maybe the talent pool would be sort of dried up.

But I watched. I knew I would. But I didn’t know that I would love it. That was a surprise. Shakira had a sense of humor and could put the boys in their place. And you could see her passion for music really shine with her comments. Usher is going to play the Bieber card. A lot. But after hearing him call Nashville a state and being able to laugh about it….I’ll go with it. this will be good. 

And how about the last contestant of the night? Judith Hill? AMAZING. She is the one to beat. My prediction is she will go all the way. Even my husband, who really doesn’t pay attention to it while I watch, stopped and said ‘Wow’.

I’m all in. The Voice is back.

I was reading the comments that Ken and Colleen had on the STAR Facebook page regarding the Tooth Fairy’s current going rate. I was floored that some teeth are worth $5! My daughter hasn’t lost any teeth yet, but we are expecting it soon. I don’t know that her tooth fairy has that kinda cash!

We are currently having an issue with Rhiannon that I could use some advice with. Being 5, she doesn’t always understand when her actions might hurt someone’s feelings. I’ll use my niece as an example. When she was 5, I drove hours to spend the weekend with her. On the last day she wanted to plant flowers so we bought flowers and started planting them. She then asked me when I would be leaving so she could to play with her friends. I was floored. And hurt. My mom had to remind she was only 5 and merely said what was on her mind.

Rhiannon is going thru a stage where I am her go to parent. She gets excited when Dad comes home and loves to talk to him about her day. Then they go play etc. But come bed time when I tell her to go give Daddy a ‘hug, kiss and I love you’ she tells us she is just too exhausted to do that. (Now I will say she is too exhausted to do it for me either but she does it more to Daddy) But I know it is crushing my husband. She is just being a little turd about it. When I told her she needs to appreciate that she has a Mommy and Daddy that like to spend time with her, and she should give them ‘hugs, kisses and I love you’s’ she claims to get it.

This morning I told her to go give Daddy a kiss goodbye and after some prodding she went to do it. My husband, still stinging from the snub the night before, told her he didn’t want it unless she really meant it. She turned away and said to me ‘Well I tried’.

Anyone else been here?

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