Karess Carter

Do you like affordable, family fun?
Do you like affordable, family fun?

We have really tried to create adventures with our daughter. We do things that a lot of different things as a family. We take Rhiannon to the rodeo. She has been to a concert. She loves the Circus. We try really check out everything that Des Moines has to offer!

Monster Jam is coming to Wells Fargo Arena…and we are ready for it! I remember going as a little girl. So I asked my little girl if she would be interested. We looked up some video on You Tube and she started shouting ‘Awesome!’ So yes, she wants to go.

There will be three shows. Opening night is Friday night 1/3. Saturday afternoon there will be a show with a pit party, and then the show Saturday night.

I had a chance to talk to the driver of the Mohawk Warrior, BJ Johnson. He explains why he loves this sport, what made him start AND how women are driving the trucks too!

Check out my interview, and get your tickets to Monster Jam HERE!