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First jobs and the Oscars
First jobs and the Oscars

I saw Kurt already blogged about The Oscars last night, and I agreed with a most of what he said. Although it did run really long, it was entertaining. Did anyone notice the first person Jared Leto thanked was Ellen? If you watched the Ellen interview a few months ago, that was one of the things she brought up, that he should thank her. That cracked me up!

I kept thinking Pink was going to fly into the air during her performance. Which was amazing. I thought Bette Midler didn’t do as well. According to Twitter I was in the minority on that. But I thought she sounded flat. And I like U2, but question if they will ever get back to the top of the charts like they had control over in the 80’s and 90’s.

John Travolta’s one introduction proved to be too much for him to pronounce correctly. And on the red carpet Tyson Beckford may look pretty, but he called Julia Roberts by the name ‘Jessica Roberts’. Which might end up being a huge error on his part. Huge! Big Mistake!

I realized as well that I haven’t seen any of the Top Pictures nominated. When you have a 6 year old, going to the movie is usually an animated feature. I have a long list of what I need to see.

The commercials were more fun than the ones aired during the Superbowl in my opinion. I had to laugh at the McDonalds commercial with the boy starting his first job, and his parents came through the drive thru. It had me thinking about my days working at McDonalds. It wasn’t my first job, but it was one that created some amazing memories.

I was a junior/senior in high school and the polyester uniforms at that time were torture. I lived in a college town, so all the cool college guys worked there. So as a high school girl, working with college boys…we were extra cool. My girlfriends and I went to lots of college parties. (Plus I was on the radio at the local college radio station while I was in high school) I have so many memories of our time at McDonalds. I’m giggling right now as I type this. Most of it would be frowned on by the company, but that job was so much fun.

So my first job ever was cleaning hotel rooms while in junior high. I did this on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m just gonna say I’ve seen things NOONE should ever see in a motel room. I could never do that job today. I think I made $5 an hour?

Next job was as a dishwasher at a restaurant. And on Satudays I had to go in and wash all of the linens at the laundromat next door which was owned by the same people. While I did laundry, one of my guy friends from school would clean the grease traps on the grill and fryers. While I had laundry going he would teach me to drive in the parking lot. After I did the table linens I had to press them in this big ole fashion ironing system we called The Mangler. You sat at it and pressed your knees out to activate the iron part, that would raise and lower by how you moved your knees. It was super hot and you would feed the linens into it. But every so often the fabric would get caught and get mangled to a wadded crisp and burn. I still have burn marks from that thing!

So what was your FIRST job? And what age did you start?


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