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Glazed Expression Party and Valentine’s Day!
Glazed Expression Party and Valentine’s Day!

Let’s start with the party we had at Glazed Expressions. My work husband Woz and I had a listener party at Glazed Expressions on Tuesday night. And we had a blast!

I am a frequent visitor to Glazed Expressions. I always go there to paint pottery. It is where I enjoy time with friends, and once in a while just some ‘me’ time. My friend Ginny and I used to go there a lot and chill out on a Sunday afternoon with diet coke and our creativity. What have I created?

**Gizmo’s Dog Treat Jar

**Rhiannon’s light switch for her room

**Multiple frames for Christmas gifts

**Multiple soup mugs for my husband to eat his cereal out of

**Multiple trinket boxes for nieces

**A coffee cup shaped dry erase message board

**Kitchen tiles

**My favorite coffee mug with words of wisdom on it

**An espresso cup with saucer

And many other things. I really should do a whole gallery of photos. My point is that I’m here a lot. But I had never tried the canvas painting. Glazed Expressions has a glass fusion area that I still have yet to try. The canvas painting area opened in July and on Tuesday I finally got to give it a try!

Listeners signed up on my page, and were invited to join us for food, wine and painting. Tasteful Dinners did an amazing job as usual. They made some delectable treats and food for the event. (There was a cream cheese raspberry sauce dessert that still has my mouth watering!) We ate, we drank, then we got ready to paint. Woz and I selected a tree painting that would be able to be finished in our time frame. There were so many pictures to choose from, and it really was hard to pick just one. Which of course means I need to go back.

I know everyone had a blast, and although I am not a great artist, I think my picture turned out great!

Karess's painting

Check out other painting parties and see all the photos from the STAR party on the Glazed Expressions Facebook page HERE. Big thanks to Laura, Maddie and our intructor Karen for showing us such great love at our party!





I will be back, and I know Woz is going with me. There are other paintings I’ve got my eye on. And when my little girl saw my picture she said she was proud of me. (I was too!)

Now today is Valentine’s Day. I am going to say that I think this holiday has gotten very materialistic. I would rather spend TIME with my loved ones rather than MONEY. Now if and when I hit the lottery jackpot this line of thinking will be gone. But I can’t justify spending a ton of money on this holiday. I prefer a picture that my daughter drew for me. Or my husband surprising me by folding the laundry and making dinner. I’m simple.

But there is one thing I do like that is really only available this time of year. And that is the special carmel apples that the ARL does. And I don’t want to share them. Even if you didn’t preorder an apple, today you can stop at the main ARL office and pick one up, and proceeds go to the fundraising efforts of the ARL. Or stop out to Jordan Creek Town Center on Saturday and they will have some of the apples there. Do it for yourself. Be greedy. These apples are TOTALLY worth it.

I will always support the ARL and all animal rescue organizations. We adopted our Gizmo from the ARL and she is the most loving dog you’ve ever met. Ok, I’ll show you a picture.


I did get a call today from a group that is offering some great deals on Spaying and Neutering pets. Check them out HERE. And of course I support the Pet Project Midwest! We love our pets, so let’s do all we can for them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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