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Have you tried Akebono yet?
Have you tried Akebono yet?

My family was invited to try Akebono in Downtown Des Moines this past weekend…and we were floored. Now most of you know me well enough through this blog to know that I don’t sugarcoat things. If I don’t like something I don’t talk about it. But if I do, I may not shut up about it. So what did we think of Akebono?

At first we thought we wouldn’t take Rhiannon so it would be more of a date. But she had seen an episode on a cartoon Max and Ruby that had them trying sushi. So she was convinced she needed to be there to try sushi. We encourage her to try everything, so we ended up bringing her. Rhiannon at Akebono

My husband loves sushi and fish. He is from California and hadn’t yet found a place that served anything close to what he was used to. So this is going to be an adventure! I have had sushi in the past, but I don’t care for things that are ‘too fishy’ or ‘gamey’ tasting. And to be honest, one of my coworkers usually orders what he thinks I will like whenever we all went to a different local establishment. So I was nervous my inexperience would be my downfall here!

The atmosphere was great. We got there right when they opened at 5 for dinner. Right away I knew we were in good hands as our waiter was amazing. He had no problem with helping us determine what would be best for our taste as we looked over the sushi menu. Several of my coworkers have become regulars at Akebono, so they had some recommendations for me.  And you may recall Ed Sheeran went to Akebono after he performed in the STAR 102.5 Acoustic Lounge! Ed Sheeran at Akebono

I was told we had to have the Akebono Edamame. So that is what we started with. Holy cow this was absolutely amazing! It has a soy, garlic, ginger taste to it that is just incredible!

The Akebono Edamame

We decided to order some California Rolls as we thought that might be the best for Rhiannon to try. We chatted with our waiter and he helped us choose 3 different sushi rolls. We went with Rising Sun, Oh Snap and Fiji. We had miso soup and a ginger dressed salad to start.  Rhiannon LOVED the miso soup. (We all did and the salad was really really tasty)

My husband had a beer while I decided to try a raspberry sake. I had never had sake other than in a sake bomb, but it was delish! When our sushi arrived we tried each of the three to determine what we liked and didn’t. To be honest, we loved them all, but my favorite ended up being the one I **thought** I would like the least! I don’t know why exactly but I loved the Fiji roll. My husbands favorite was the Oh Snap. But as I said, we liked all of them. The Fiji Roll

The manager stopped by and asked if we tried anything from the dinner menu. We hadn’t ordered anything but sushi and so we tried a scallop dish from their dinner menu. I’ve had scallops, and not always liked them. But to be honest, I can’t stop thinking about his scallop dish. It was seared and served on a cauliflower puree. I want this again. And I want it now.

Scallop with cauliflower puree

At this point we were stuffed. Absolutely stuffed. My husband said this was the best fish he has had since moving from California. He started talking about when we could return already. We discussed the menu prices and we both agreed totally reasonable! You can’t beat the quality of the food. I’ll mention again the service was top notch. Had we not gone in willing and ready to try anything, I am so afraid of what we might have missed out on!

Then dessert was suggested. My husband immediately said no, he was too full. And before I could pass our waiter told us about the fried cheesecake. I couldn’t pass it up! When it arrived, my husband couldn’t pass it up either. The perfect ending to a perfect, satisfying meal.

Fried cheesecake

So be listening to Lyrical Pursuit in the coming week as I will be giving you a chance to win a gift certificate to Akebono. I’m already ready to go back. Seriously good food.

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