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Help for a listener
Help for a listener

I received an email from a listener who needs a little help as she sets out to walk for Breast Cancer. Here is the email from Heather:

Hello Karess!

 I’m a big fan of Star 102.5. I listen to it whenever I’m in the car and when I am lucky enough to work from home.

I also really enjoy reading your blog, which is why I am contacting you today.

I know that sometimes you will mention non-profits in your blog (the ARL, The Pet Project Midwest, etc) and I was hoping that you could mention my cause as well. August 9-11 I will be traveling to Chicago to take part in the 3 day breast cancer walk. The walk is 60 miles.

This is something that I am really looking forward to, as my aunt starts chemo for breast cancer later this week.

 In order to participate in the walk, I need to raise at least $2,300, which as you can imagine is not easy.

Can you please share the link to my fundraising page on your blog?

Hopefully people will read my story and be inspired to donate 🙂

This is the link for you to help Heather out…for a cause that I think we can all agree is a great one! Link up HERE. I wish you the best of luck Heather, and I hope we find a cure soon. So let’s all get it together and help Heather out with her walk!

Now last week I was out for a few days sick. I had blogged about this and by the Friday of last week I felt like I was again, on my last leg. I ended up heading to the walk in clinic to discover I have bronchitis. The cough is so bad it is curling my toes. I have antibiotics now, so lets hope I get past this soon. I spent Saturday in bed sick. I did get up and moving a little on Sunday, but I have zero energy.

 Having been sick most of the weekend, I had to count on my husband and daughter to help out more than usual. One day as I was laying in bed, Rhiannon walked into the room and lay down on the floor. I finally got a picture of her getting her ‘air induction’. When the heat kicks on in my house, Rhiannon runs to the vent in the guest room and lays on the floor. She loves the feeling of the heat. But I have no idea why she calls this her ‘heat induction’.

Rhiannon getting her air

My kid is weird.


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