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Help for a little boy to breathe
Help for a little boy to breathe

I have a lot of random thoughts to put down today, but I wanted to start with a story that ran on KCCI last night. It’s about a little boy who was in the NICU with Rhiannon about 5 years ago. Ike Long has had a lot of issues with breathing that really have doctors stumped. They are doing a fundraiser to help off set medical costs as they get ready to go to Denver for more answers. Here is the link to the story:

Ike Long

Ike and his twin Abby were born a little after Rhiannon, and as moms in the NICU we all formed a tight bond. I can only imagine what this family is going thru, and I know it has been a long time since the mom Samantha has had a good night’s sleep! I hope Denver provides the answers they need and they find a way to help Ike breathe better!

The fundraiser is April 27th, and you can get more details HERE.

In other news, we have a lot of rain coming down today. Now I love a rainy day. Love it! But only when I’m at home curled up on the couch with my book and a cup of tea. I look out the studio window and I’m instantly yawning. It makes me so sleepy.

I had my yearly physical this morning as tomorrow is my birthday. And today I just feel old. I got the blahs. I had to confess to my doctor that I hadn’t been exercising. Luckily I dug myself out of that hole by telling her I was doing well with sodium intake. (I am not someone who ever salts food, although I do get a hankering for some potato chips at times.) I went and had the routine blood work done and a cholesterol test done. Nothing makes you feel old like a medical exam. But at the lab I had to laugh because they all remember me. They recognize my name and know instantly that I have the worse veins ever and they needed to go thru the hand if they expect to get any blood.

So how about we end with a Rhi-ism. Or a couple. I do believe having a five year old is aging me rapidly. But that girl can fix any bad day I have with a hug or a kiss. Monday she got to experience Kindergarten for an hour. Now of course she won’t stop talking about it. She was fearless in leaving me and going to the room with all of the other kids. She even stopped to help a little boy who was crying to tell him it was ok and they would see their mommies ¬†again in a little while.

So last night I finished dinner before Rhiannon so I went and sat on the couch. In a few minutes she came to join me. This is the conversation that played out.

Me: ‘Rhiannon, did you put your dirty dishes in the sink?”

Rhi: ‘Yes. Yes I did. I swear.”

So I wait a few minutes and then get up to do something and she grabs my arm and says ‘don’t go check Mom’ and takes off for the kitchen table. Where her dirty dishes were sitting. So now I have this starting at my house.

Later as I was yelling at her to get her butt to bed she said ‘Oh for goodness snakes Mom!’

And then again when she reappeared in the living room to say ‘she just couldn’t sleep’ and told her to get back to bed. And she looked at me, put a hand on her hip, and said ‘hit it boys’ and started dancing. She evidently has an imaginary band following her around to start playing music on her cue.


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