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Holiday Stress…you with me?
Holiday Stress…you with me?

No lie, I’m hoping my mother never sees this blog.

But I gotta write it down as she is usually the thing that stresses me out most during the holidays. I’m a busy girl. I work full time, I have a busy 4 year old, I cook etc. I have priorities. And sometimes I just wanna lay on the couch and read a book. I deserve it!
So whenever my parents come to visit I get all panicked and stressed. My mom is a neat freak. Very much a clean freak. I’m not. Really, I could care less if the rug hasn’t been vaccuumed this week. So knowing my parents are coming has me stressed about finding the time to really do a deep clean on the house. When I’m done you could grade it a solid B. Which to me is great! But there may be dust on some things on some higher shelves. (She’s short so she won’t be able to see it)

I’ll scrub the bathroom and kitchen. I’ll dig out the vaccuum. I’ll do it all. But here is what she asks me this morning that nearly put me over the edge…

MOM: ‘Did you get your craft room all organized?’
ME: ‘No’

MOM: ‘We were there in September and you said you would have it all done! It’s been three months!’

ME: ‘Mom, I am busy. You won’t be going in my craft room anyway. If it’s an issue cancel your trip.’

MOM: ‘Well it’s not an issue, but why on Earth haven’t you done it yet?’

ME: ‘I have life Mom.’ (Ok, that sentence was in my head but seriously?)

Organizing this room means going thru 10 giant tote of over 1300 cds. A number of plastic bags with the names Archivers, Michaels, and Close to my Heart on them. Putting thousands of sheets of printed scrapbook paper in the proper files according to which craft I would use it for. I have ideas. They JUST HAVEN’T BEEN PUT INTO MOTION.

So I haven’t wrapped presents. Planned the menu for the entire time they are here, finished one of the presents I am making for them. (ok, start this present either) and now I am super stressed about not having the craft room organized!!

Smirnoff…take me away.
Anyone else got the stress from Parents or In-Laws?

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