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Hooray for the Weekend
Hooray for the Weekend

Let’s start off by giving some serious thumbs up to the new STAR website! Looks amazing in my opinion.

Ah the weekend. It is finally here. And the mere thought of everything I have to do this weekend is exhausting me. Tonight is STAR night at The World’s Toughest Rodeo so I will be there with family and welcoming everyone to Wells Fargo Arena. Rhiannon (my 4 year old) has been telling EVERYONE she comes in contact with that we are going to the rodeo. She has invited teachers to join us. She tells people coming out of the grocery store. To say she is excited would be a complete understatement. If you have plans to go tonight get there early as you can take a backstage tour, sit on a bull and enjoy lots of things with the kids before it actually starts.

My other big project this weekend is associated with the Home and Garden Show coming to town in a few weeks. I was asked to participate in a project with the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I take an item from Restore and upgrade it, or ‘repurpose’ it. This is a big undertaking that means I’ve enlisted my husband for some help with this. He is helping me rewire something, as I hit up some thrift stores for the necessary items to deck it out. All of the items from different media personalities will be on display at the Home and Garden Show. And I really am stressed out as I don’t want to disappoint anyone with my item. My biggest obstacle is that I have great creativity, but not so great follow thru.

This repurposing project could take me most of the weekend, and allow me very little time to endulge in some light reading. Did I mention the book I’m currently invested in? I was picking up some books at the West Des Moines Public Library, when I came across John Taylor of Duran Duran’s autobiography. It was a no brainer. I’ve really been into reading the autobiographies of musicians lately. Last week I read Rod Stewart’s book. After John Taylor’s book I might have to pick up something from one of the members of KISS as I did see a few of those on a shelf.

For the record, I finished 3 books already this week. Colleen suggested I try this Young Adult series that was sorta Twilight like. I got to reading and couldn’t put the books down. Before I knew it, I had read until 3:30 in the morning several times this week. So perhaps I will also catch up on some sleep.

I hope you have some fun plans lined up! I’ll have pictures from the rodeo up on Monday!

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