Karess Carter

How do Red Velvet Pop-Tarts sound to you?

We got thru a ton of Pop-Tarts at my house. My husband and my daughter eat them nonstop. Right now we are working our way thru some holiday ones I came across in the clearance section at Target that are Hot Chocolate Marshmellow. There was a sugar cookie one that I really liked last year. But my daughter loves the Smores flavors best.

So I get emails from Kellogg’s with coupons, and often they emails tell me about new products. How about this one…New Red Velvet Flavored Pop-Tarts! This could be interesting! With a cream cheese type filling it sounds delicious.

Check out the details HERE.

So what is your favorite flavor of Pop-Tart? As an adult do you still eat Pop-Tarts?