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How do you find someone you can trust?
How do you find someone you can trust?

There are certain businesses that you once you find a good one, you never leave. Hairdressers, Dentists, Doctors and Auto Mechanics all come to mind for me immediately! I have been going to All Pro Service Centers for over 10 years now and I will never leave them.

I know you’ve heard me talk on air about my experiences with All Pro Service Centers. Well it just keeps getting better. About 2 weeks ago I realized I had a low tire so I stopped and filled it up at the gas station. It was the weekend of Arts Festival downtown and my schedule was just crazy. I needed to be everywhere, and I just couldn’t figure out when I could get my car in to have the tire looked at. It was so bad that every morning I had to stop and put air in it before I could head to work.

I finally just called the West Des Moines location and asked if I could bring it in that day. No problem! It took just a few minutes for them to find the hole, patch it from the inside, and send me on my way.  As I was sitting in the waiting area I struck up a conversation with another customer. He asked if I had been going to All Pro Service Centers very long. He only discovered them about 2 years ago and usually went to the Ankeny location. I asked what brought him in and he said he was looking at buying a used car for his daughter and they were looking it over for him before he bought it. I didn’t know they did that!

I even got Woz going there now! He had a minor issue with his air conditioner at the beginning of summer so I sent him to get it fixed. He said he didn’t even get his computer out of his bag to do work while he waited, before they were finished! Most recently he went on vacation and send me a text while he was away. Something along the lines of ‘hey honey, my car stopped running before I left and is parked in the work parking lot-can you get someone to fix it?’ I called Chris at All Pro Service Center in West Des Moines and told them the situation.  They actually CAME AND GOT HIS CAR! So while he was away, they picked it up, worked on it and had it all ready for him by the time he got back.

This is why I adore them. They really treat their customers right. When I got my tire fixed they even asked if Woz had anymore trouble with his car. They remember. Now I need to go in for the AC tune up special because they remember I haven’t had that looked at…

So word of mouth goes a long way. Take my word for it.

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