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How is that weekend over already?
How is that weekend over already?

I am starting by saying I am pretty sure I’m getting a cold from being so run down.

I was up all night Thursday night and again Friday night with a sick dog. Our poor little Gizmo was not feeling well, and by Saturday morning I had a call to our vet. I had been up all night taking her outside to get sick. The vet said they needed to see her. We aren’t really sure what is wrong, but we have her on some medicine and special food. She appears to be getting better.

I know for our family, our dog is a big part of it. Some might say our dog is spoiled, but we love her. So I get just as stressed when she isn’t doing well, as I do when Rhiannon is sick. We tried to stay home and really keep a close eye on her as much as we could this weekend.

Saturday night I spent at the Aveda Institute in West Des Moines. It was their 5th Anniversary Celebration and the place was packed! They were going above and beyond for their clientele. From polishing nails, to neck massages, to doing your hair and makeup…it was amazing! I bought some product to and have been loving it!

When I got home, Rhiannon and I cuddled in bed with Gizmo. She played on her LeapPad and I played on the iPad. We were all crashed out by 9. We actually got some sleep as Gizmo was much better!

Sunday I realized I was out of coffee beans and there was no way I could make my coffee. So I crawled back in bed for most of the morning. Finally we got up and hit Sam’s Club for Trick or Treating supplies and coffee beans. Then I decided it was time to purge. I had been attempting for several weeks to get rid of all of Rhiannon’s clothes that are too small. I would start and stop. I would get overwhelmed. But I purged all of the small stuff from the house and now I just have a few totes left in the garage to go thru today. I feel like I really accomplished something!

All of this excitement led up to the Walking Dead premiere last night. And then The Talking Dead. And now I wonder how I will ever make it to next Sunday!

It went to fast. I need another weekend stat!

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