Karess Carter

I did it and I feel amazing!

So yesterday was the final day of a 7 day cleanse I did. I’ve had a ton of people asking me what the cleanse was. It was something I found on Pinterest and my friend and I wanted to see if we could to it. Basically it had no dr. backing, but you followed the foods to eat on that day and drank lots of water. So it started with nothing but fruit, then the next day all veggies, day 3 was veggies and fruit. So on and so forth. I had a partner doing it with me but she didn’t make it through the week. I don’t think she was actually eating enough food to sustain herself. I was making myself eat something every 2 hours.

By the 4th day I had a lot of energy. I lasted all 7 days without cheating. One of those days I was at Old Chicago and so badly wanted their delicious tasting treats! But I didn’t. Friday was the Homemakers BBQ with free Jethro’s. And I didn’t cave. Even the potluck at work on Friday didn’t derail me!

Here is what I learned from this experience:

1.  I have some willpower. It was nice doing it with a partner so they could talk me off the ledge during my moments of weakness. I was ready to quit on day 3! But I stuck it out.

2. Just making short term goals is the way to do it. Just get through the day. One day at a time is how I made it.

3. At day 3, the real difficult cravings for sugar and salt were gone. Or nearly gone. And all of a sudden I had more energy than I had in a long time.

4. Not only did I have new found energy…but I felt great!  I mean I really felt the urge to go for walks and do stuff!

5. My body was missing the fiber and nutrients from real basic things. I could actually feel toxic stuff just leaving me.

I had a discussion with Rhiannon about how I was trying to eat better and she was a great motivator. She understood why we weren’t buying Oreos. But she also became my workout partner. She joined me for a walk around Raccoon River Park on Saturday. I don’t know how we made it, but somehow we did! Then we did Gray’s Lake on Sunday. So we did 5 miles of walking this weekend.

So this cleanse really cleansed my palette and jump started my body again. So where do I got from here? I’m keeping it going. Not starting over on the cleanse, but trying to eat much better. Is this going to mean I will never pop something into my mouth that isn’t the healthiest? Of course not. But I need to be more aware of what I am eating. And I need to keep moving. Now that it is cooler out, I plan to do more walking.

I’m so proud of myself! And I did need my husband to punch a new hole in my belt this morning!

Saturday is the Metro Arts Rock N Run and I can’t wait! I’ve signed up and Woz is walking with me. There is no way I can run it. But I can walk it. It is about the same distance as the walk I did at Raccoon River Park, but this one will have some hills. Wanna join us? Go HERE for more details on their Facebook page. Let me know if you want to meet us and walk as a group. My first 5K. I never would have thought it!

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