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I got up early for a little O.A.R.
I got up early for a little O.A.R.

I am not a morning person. For me to get up early, well, it has to be a good reason. When I found out O.A.R. was driving thru Des Moines, and they wanted to do a lounge early in the morning…I was ok with it. Not excited. Not overjoyed. Just ok. (I’m being honest here)

We have done a lot of acoustic lounges with many different bands. The thing that stands out for me, is that I end up walking away a fan of bands that I may not have been before. For example, Ed Sheeran. I liked his music. I knew several songs. But I wasn’t really a fan. Until he did our acoustic lounge and I actually had a chance to talk to him. I was amazed. Not only was he a really nice guy, but really incredibly talented! Now I have a huge massive crush on him.

There are several artists that have turned me into a fan after Star lounges. And today was one of those days where I really was blown away. Yesterday I started doing my research into the band and listening to old songs, new songs, getting a feel for the band and their interviews. I looked at my husband and said, ‘I think tomorrow is going to be a really good lounge.’ These were guys who really got the industry. There didn’t seem to be an arrogance with these guys. They seemed really appreciative of their fans. And I really liked the songs I was hearing on The Rockville Lp, which came out last week.

After meeting the guys this morning, I realized my premonition was spot on. It was a great lounge. I was blown away. Not only by their talent, but their personalities. I could have chatted with them all day about their music. I really believe this new cd is going to do incredible things for them. It’s just so raw and honest.

And for a band that played last night in Council Bluffs, then got up at the crack of dawn for an early morning acoustic performance…..they were so amazing! My only regret is that I didn’t roadtrip to see them last night! I will not miss the next show.  But I do NOT regret getting up early to see them perform. Totally worth it!

Check out more from our lounge right HERE!

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