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I never knew how much fun kids could be
I never knew how much fun kids could be

I always had fun with my nieces and nephews, but I wasn’t around them enough to enjoy the day to day stuff. Now that I have a child that is turning 5 next month, I am finding myself laughing at just everyday things that pop out of her mouth.

She is obsessed with Kindergarten. I am asked 3-4 times a day if tomorrow is the day she can go to Kindergarten. She is really looking forward to it, and I have been using that as motivation to keep her practicing her letters, and writing her name. We are slowly getting there. But I am happy she loves her books.

Last night Rhiannon sat in the recliner and informed me she was going to sit down and read the newspaper because she liked news. I looked up and she was actually thumbing thru a Fingerhut Catalog that had come in the mail. I couldn’t stop laughing.

She also told me yesterday that I should take her magic wand to work to show my coworkers. (The had a project at school yesterday that was making wands) She really wanted ‘my Matt’ and ‘my Annie’ to see it. Matt would be Woz of course, and Annie is a friend who Rhiannon and I joined for a pancake breakfast last month. Rhiannon will often bring up Jimmy Wright because I use his office for a several things every day. She always reminds me it is Jimmy’s office so we can’t touch things.

At one point last night she crawled up on the couch with a book and a heavy sigh. Then under her breath she said ‘some days are better than other days’. I looked at her and asked what that meant. She repeated it again. I said ‘well is this a good day then?’ She told me of course. So this morning as we were leaving the house she said goodbye to our dog Gizmo and told her ‘we will be back when we get back’. I then asked Rhiannon if she thought Gizmo threw parties at our house when we were gone. She just said ‘Good Heavens Mom. Gizmo can’t throw parties!’  I lost it. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was just the oddest thing to come out of her mouth.

This morning we were cuddling on the couch and I told her I didn’t want to get up. She said I had to because I had to go to work to get money, so we could get food. I must have explained that to her at some point. It used to be she would explain to us that I had to get money so we could get a swimming pool. Which is not going to happen. No idea where she pulled that one from.

She’s 5 next month. I can’t believe it.

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