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It was a wild night!
It was a wild night!

Last night was the big Dishcrawl Battledish Preview at BOS. I had several friends join me, including Woz, coworkers Trista and Eva, along with friends Susan and Joy. We enjoyed a sample dish from Chef John Andres which was simply amazing.

food at BOS

The homemade chips had this great dip that I can’t figure out exactly was in it. The stuffed mushroom cap was divine! And the heat from that glazed wing has my mouth water all over again as I look at this picture.

We sampled a few different drinks as well. I fell in love with Bailey’s new Vanilla Cinnamon, which they served with some coconut. Delish! I also tried a limited edition Grand Marnier cherry cosmo. Loved it! So we dined and drank at the Coda lounge and had a ball! After my friends got a taste of what Dishcrawl is all about, they are now all really excited for Battledish Des Moines!

Find out more about the big event October 5th right HERE. If you use the link to buy your ticket, take advantage of this promo code for $15 off a package, or free admission. The code is “trybattledishfree2”. I was really excited before last night, now I absolutely can’t wait! I had a chance to meet some of the other chefs and judges last night. This is really going to be fun.

The Des Moines area is just exploding with food options! I’m trying to get my foodie friend Susan to start a food blog of her own as she is the most amazing cook/baker I know. Many of the judges have blogs about their food experiences as well. I have to give a shout out to Nick, one of the other judges I met last night. Check out his blog HERE.

I have to share a funny thing that happened last night. I was introduced to one of the judges and we chatted and took photos together for about an hour. I have to give him a hard time because he MUST have forgotten my name as he later posted a photo of us on Facebook and wrote ‘if anyone knows this radio girl please tag her’. So from now on you can just call me ‘that radio girl’.

After the event we decided to walk over to The Lift for martini night. I do love a good Key Lime Martini! Here is a group shot of our dysfunctional little group, looking at our friend Eva who refused to get in the photo.


So much fun! Thanks to my amazing friends for joining me!

Get your tickets now to join me for the big event October 5th!

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